Mid-Week Tangent: It happened!

You may or may not recall my last post about Cadbury Mini Eggs and the excruciating pain of being forced to wait until Easter to have them in my hungry little hands.

Well, friends, something wonderful happened this week and I have to share it with you. Over the weekend, I was casually scrolling through my Flipp app (basically, reading flyers online, which is not quite as satisfying as reading actual paper flyers…but is much better for the environment). Well, imagine my surprise when I saw that the colossal (i.e. 943g/almost 2 lb) bag of Mini Eggs was on sale for the bargain (well, comparatively) price of $14.98!!!

I mean, that was pretty much guaranteed to be the lowest price we’d see until post-Easter clearance sales. And don’t even get me started on the crap shoot that it is to hope that you’ll score a post-Easter clearance bag…In other words, the time to seize my enormous bag of Mini Eggs was NOW. My better half protested, yet again, but either my powers of persuasion were ultra high or he finally lost his will to fight my Mini Egg obsession. Regardless, the end result was the same: we hopped in the car and, at long last, I procured my highly anticipated super sized bag of Mini Eggs. Victory!

Now my only mission is stretching out my Mini Eggs so that I don’t run out before Easter. This involves carefully managing the Mini Egg Paradox (in which the more Mini Eggs one eats, the more one craves even greater quantities of Mini Eggs) by consuming them only in what I consider to be impossibly small portions and by monitoring depletion rates with a fierceness which I’m sure my partner finds terrifying. And yet, despite this scarcity mindset, every day I get a small window of Mini Egg bliss, and I assure you this gives me more joy than any food product should.


Mid-Week Tangent: An Ode to the Cadbury Creme Egg

I am essentially five years old when it comes to holidays and special events. I expect stockings at Christmas. I want a whole birthday week, not just one lone birthday. I want to eat my weight in bite-sized candy bars at Halloween. And damn it, when Easter rolls around, I want my Easter candy hunt. It’s not quite the same if the candy is just handed to me in a basket (though, of course, I’ll still gladly accept it).

Easter is truly one of my favourite candy holidays. I have many, many Easter candies that I love with all my heart, but there is one Easter treat that surpasses all others, that holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart, without which the Easter season is simply not complete: the Cadbury Creme Egg.  Today I pay homage to this saccharine wonder with a love letter. You may think it too much to write a love letter to a creme egg, but I am certain by its end you will see just how sizeable a portion of my heart it has seized.

Dear Cadbury Creme Egg,

You were my first Easter love and now, at the ripe, old age of 38, I continue to be hypnotized by your sugary goodness. Others tell me that you are too sweet for the adult palate, but their (unjust) criticisms fall only on deaf ears. For me, you are confectionary perfection.

One of my most excited moments occurred when, as a university student with a Costco membership, I discovered your 12-packs: a dozen creme eggs lovingly nestled in a plastic egg carton (this was prior to environmentalism being a primary product concern). Never had I seen an egg carton so alluring. I am not ashamed to admit that I purchased the 12-pack, consuming each and every one of them by myself and in far too short a time frame. In fact, I refuse to publicly admit how quickly.

I show greater restraint now. Despite the fact that Easter candy appears in stores before the Valentine’s Day candy flame has even been fully extinguished, and despite the addition of the Cadbury “Screme Egg” (such a clever moniker) at Halloween, I reserve any creme egg purchases and consumption to the days surrounding Easter itself. I am a purist and respect the sanctity of the Easter egg in all its forms.

Can I express what I love about you in words? As many other confections continue to whittle away at the thickness of their chocolate coating, I presume in efforts to charge more for less product, you have refused to pull the wool over consumer’s eyes. Your chocolate shell remains stubbornly think and impenetrable. There is no accidental crushing of your chocolate shell; it holds up to substantial pressure. I know, because I have dropped many on hard surfaces, and thrown them into the bottom of my purse, which can only be described as a black hole of crap, and from which few food items survive without being smashed beyond recognition.

Many criticize your interior for being nothing but liquid sugar.  To them I say: what more do you expect from a candy confection?  Though substantially thicker than a real egg, your filling is a wonder of chemistry. It is viscous enough to almost hold it’s form once the chocolate shell is broken, making you a feasible snack for people on the go. I believe your filling even has a distinct flavour and that flavour is “magic”.

So many brands have tried to replicate your deliciousness but none even come close. At times in my childhood, my parents misunderstood your uniqueness and fell prey to the lure of other cream eggs. I cannot describe the level of disappointment I would experience when my well-meaning parents would present me with Purdy’s creme eggs, as though they were a perfectly suitable replacement. My heart would sink. I’d eat them, of course, but the guilt I’d experience, knowing I was cheating on you, would render the experience decidedly less pleasurable.

Thank you, Cadbury Creme Egg, for being a steady constant in my life, and for creating a product that can only be loved by the ultimate sweet tooth (i.e. me). Never change. Ignore the haters. I cannot wait to be reunited with you again so very, very soon.*

*I am in no way affiliated with Cadbury’s nor is this post sponsored by them, though I’d be lying if I said I would turn down free Creme Eggs in exchange for my love letter.  I feel no shame at the thought of selling out for Cadbury Creme Eggs.