TWIR #79: a whole lotta walking

Well, I’m just going to confess. I worked out twice. Twice in one week. I’m not kidding. I was travelling. I got sick. Excuses, excuses. But before you judge, just know that I walked and walked and walked. And walked. Sure, most of that walking was to bakeries and other treats, but let’s set that aside. This will be short and sweet, so let’s get to it.

Activity: walk, walk, walking
Relevant Stats: 14 km
Observations: We walked from King West to the Distillery District, and back again, and then a whole bunch of other walking to parts of Toronto I can’t even name. Especially with a cold, I feel like that’s pretty impressive. My reward (and more to come on all these treats): a fancy-ass dipped soft serve treat. Worth every kilometre walked.

Activity: more walking
Relevant Stats: 15 km
Observations: Walking was one of the few things that unclogged my stuffed nasal passages, so I kept moving as much as possible.  I longed for gelato, and spent most of the afternoon scanning streets for it, yet somehow came back empty handed. Don’t you worry, though, there were plenty of other treats (again, more to come on all my travel sweets).

Activity: airport sitting
Relevant Stats: 6 hours at Pearson (ugh)
Observations: My big lesson from Monday was that it is never a good idea to attempt to save money by sharing a cab to the airport at an earlier time than you need to. I arrived already knowing I’d have to kill three hours before my flight, but then my flight got delayed by two hours, and then by another hour and suddenly I spent the entire day, often livid, in windowless gates deep in the bowels of Pearson airport. My reward for this was a giant slice of carrot cake from the famed Magnolia Bakery when I (finally) arrived in New York.

Activity: epic walk
Relevant Stats: 17 km
Observations: The sun was shining. It was 80 degrees in October (!?!). I walked to one bakery, then to the opposite end of Manhattan to another bakery. That’s commitment to finding baked goods. While I’m under no illusion that 17 km of walking balanced out the caloric intake, all that walking was certainly healthier than taking the subway.

Activity: strength training (!!!) with minimal walking
Relevant Stats: 45 min. strength training + 5 km
Observations: OMG, I made it to the gym! Finally, after nearly a week off, I visited the Sheraton’s supposed world-class fitness centre (you already know how I feel about hotel gyms). It was a decent workout, and I even managed to knock out some negative pull ups, from which my arms have still not recovered. My reward: more cake and attending the live taping for Late Night with Seth Meyers (!!!!!!). A good day.

Activity: strength training + walking
Relevant Stats: 45 min. strength training + 15 km walkig
Observations: This workout was even better. I actually felt awake and energetic, and I still managed to bust out a long-ass walk in search of a stuffed cookie which turned out to be my greatest disappointment.  Let me tell you, though, by the time I got back to the hotel at 6:50 pm, I was done with walking and done with New York (yes, that is possible).

Activity: mostly sitting on airplanes but some walking
Relevant Stats: 9.2 km walking
Observations: I am always amazed when I accumulate any kilometres on travel days. I had to get up at 4:25 a.m. today, which is really just a completely ridiculous hour at which to get out of bed. Somehow, I managed to wander airports so aimlessly that I had almost 4 km of walking under my belt before I even got home, where the sunshine beckoned me to walk another 5ish km.

Although I had some good adventures and some great sugar finds, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be home, lounging in pajamas before 7 pm because, let’s be honest, I probably won’t make it up past 8 tonight. It was an exhausting week of travel and I’m looking forward to some solid laziness, but also getting back to normal with my workouts. I promise a more typical TWIR next week. Until then, happy weekend y’all!


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