TWIR #70: the longest week ever

Good God, was this the longest week ever or is it just me? All day Tuesday I thought it was Thursday, which is never a good sign. Somehow I also managed to confuse myself about this being the short week at work when it’s actually next week. I am so done and ready for the weekend.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: earned a cool $200 at our garage sale and scored a shitload of free boxes and packing paper
Observations: At first I was very bitter about devoting my entire Saturday to the likes of garage sales and driving 35 minutes each way to pick up a bunch of boxes. In hindsight, it was necessary and having packing materials for free is a huge win. The patio cider after all our chores was particularly rewarding.

Activity: run
Relevant Stats: 6 km
Observations: I waited too late in the morning to run and it was hot and horrible. I am really not loving running lately. Because I never run more than 6 km these days, I’m certainly not getting any fitter and, therefore, it never feels easier. I do believe that when cooler Fall temperatures roll around, running will suddenly and miraculously start to feel easier. I have to believe this in order to even keep attempting to run.

Activity: strength training
Relevant Stats: 45 min.
Observations: I slept terribly Sunday night, probably because I drank too much wine and cider on a work night. I never learn. As a result, Monday’s workout was all sorts of unpleasant, but I persevered and even upped my weights on some key exercises. Unfortunately, in the midst of a kettle bell clean, I tweaked my SI slightly. Damn you, unstable body.

Activity: spin
Relevant Stats: 45 min.
Observations: I had planned to take Tuesday off because I’d forgotten I already took a rest day on Saturday. By the time I realized this, the only time of day available to me was the dreaded apres work time slot. I was super irked about this as it’s my least favourite time of day to exercise. However, I will say that my post-work spinning feels way better than my early morning spinning. I think my legs like to be good and awake before I submit them to high-tension seated hill climbs.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: Push ups, negative pull ups, passive hangs, and crawling while towing a weighted platform behind me. It was about as fun as it sounds and I had rug burn patches on my knees for the rest of the day from crawling on that fake turf. Ugh. But my trainer said my body looked fairly solid during the workout and, aside from the passive hanging, nothing seemed to aggravate my SI.

Activity: run
Relevant Stats: 6 km
Observations: When there’s an air quality advisory due to wildfire smoke, it’s probably not the best idea to run outside. What did I do? I ran outside. I was clearing my throat the rest of the morning and had a headache most of the day, but I survived this run and thankfully it was a lot cooler than Sunday’s run. It was also the last run for this week so hurrah for that!

Activity: strength training
Relevant Stats: 5 min. warm-up + 45 minutes strength
Observations: Single-legged exercises where I have to attempt to keep my hips level continue to cause my SI issues. Weighted bench step-ups were not feeling so hot on the old SI today, but I pushed through and focused on form as much as possible.  The low point of my workout was almost killing myself stepping onto a bar I’d left laying on the ground. For a brief moment I saw my life flashing before my eyes, and also suffered the humiliation of being in clear view of at least a dozen gym-goers. I’m so graceful.

With that, the week is over.  Time for some extra long weekend fun. Bring on the smoke-impeded sunshine, patio ciders and outdoor fun!

Omg, elephants are the cutest. This makes my Friday even better.

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