Monday Musings: my thoughts on being a temporary “homemaker”

I go back to work this Thursday after a luxurious stretch of time off, close to four months to be exact. And actually, I was also off work from late November until mid-January, so when you do the math, I’ve had the extreme privilege of being able to take six out of the last eight months off. How was it, you might ask? Let me tell you, it was glorious.

I never considered myself a homemaker. In fact, I only use that term because one of our friends who was applying for a mortgage while between jobs was classified as a ‘homemaker’, not by her own choice but by the mortgage broker. I realized that, were I in the same position, I too would be considered a homemaker. At first, I found it a bit of an antiquated and mildly offensive categorization, but as I reflect on the last four months, I see that it’s really rather appropriate.

In all honesty, most of my time was devoted to various domestic jobs. I did a lot of laundry, a lot of cleaning, a lot of cooking and a lot of running errands related to all those things.  It really wasn’t as bad it as it sounds. There’s something different about domestic duties and chores when they’re not crammed into the few hours of free time you get between work days.  Cooking is fun when you’re not tired from a day of work. Laundry isn’t quite so annoying when it’s interspersed with daytime talk shows or reading.  Grocery shopping is entirely more civilized when you’re not out there with all the other post-work grumpy shoppers and weekend warriors.

There were other perks too. I had the luxury of working out whenever I wanted to, choosing at what point during the day I would accomplish tasks, and opting for a late afternoon nap when the mood struck. Hell, I could even table an entire day’s worth of chores if I was feeling lazy and turn it into an epic Netflix binge day.  My time was mine. I was almost never bored and almost always had more than enough to occupy my time.  If it sounds like I’m going to miss it, I am, but I always knew it was only temporary.

The overall verdict: being a temporary homemaker was pretty fantastic and, as I close off this brief chapter, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to take so much time off…and incredibly hopeful that my return to work goes a little more smoothly than last time!


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