Real-Talk Thursday: for the love of god, hoard your clothes

Almost four years ago, I started working in the tech sector. The thing about tech sector workplaces is that they tend to be super casual. You can wear jeans and t-shirts and hoodies. For the record, I didn’t wear hoodies to work. There are certain things that a 38 year-old and thoroughly un-trendy woman shouldn’t wear to work. But I could have. Because of this, I slowly and steadily got rid of every scrap of corporate clothing that I owned. It was cathartic, like slowly shedding a layer of skin that that you no longer need to live in.

Except now I need to live in it again. Ugh.

Yes, next week I return to work in a corporate environment, necessitating the very quick acquisition of a business casual wardrobe. Sometimes I get all steadfastly indignant about companies that still require people to wear business attire. Ultimately, I think it’s a completely antiquated notion, but I also recognize that I’m not going to win that battle in every organization. It’s the price to pay for certain roles, and man do you have to pay for it. Even trying to acquire a few staples to carry me through the first couple of weeks is proving costly. And don’t even get me started on the horror of trying to find clothing under pressure. I firmly believe one only finds clothes they love when they have no pressing need to find them.

Suddenly I’ve found myself wishing I hadn’t parted with all those corporate staples. Gone are my dress slacks (ugh, is there a worse name for pants?), classic sheath dresses, boring skirts, and frilly yet tame blouses. The last vestige of my former wardrobe is the pile of heels gathering dust in the back of my closet. And thank god for those because shoes are damned expensive! The long and the short of it is that I’ve just had to drop an ungodly amount of money in two days to replace a bunch of clothes that I used to have. Although, to be fair, had I kept those clothes I’m sure they would have been woefully out of style and ill-fitting. But let’s be honest, I probably would have rocked them anyway.

The moral of the story: don’t discard entire wardrobes. Forget all that crap you’re hearing these days in social media about decluttering and minimalism. Hoard your clothes, hoard them forever, or you just might regret it one day.


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