TWIR #60: arms good, runs bad

My arms resumed normal function this week, which meant some seriously great strength workouts. But, because the universe likes to keep things in balance, my running hasn’t been great.  Trade offs.  Perhaps one day I will hit my workout groove again. Until then, let’s see what the week had in store.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: one successful layer cake for mother’s day dinner
Observations: I did my first crumb coat on a cake and now I understand why they are essential. For the first time, I had a cleanly frosted cake without a single speck of cake crumb marring its surface. Win.

Activity: strength training
Relevant Stats: 70 min.
Observations:  I was so excited to integrate my arms back into my strength workouts that I stayed at the gym longer than an hour, even though I was trying to get home for the final round of the Players Championship. Thank goodness for PVRs.

Activity: cardio + strength
Relevant Stats: 30 min. stairs + 40 min. strength
Observations: I intended to run but it was absolutely pissing rain and, somewhere along the way, the thought of running in torrential rain has become completely unpalatable to me. I opted for the gym, which everyone else had also done, which meant it was crazy busy and also smelled particularly ripe.  Nonetheless, I managed a solid cardio warm up and even more strength training. These arms will get strong if it’s the last thing I do.

Activity: run
Relevant Stats: 31 pitiful minutes
Observations: This was the worst run I’ve had in months. We broke our no wine on weeknights rule on Monday, and I swear this bad run can be fully attributed to drinking half a bottle of wine. Though I love my wine, I am certain it impacts the quality of my sleep which, in turn, impacts my workouts. I managed a half hour, but let me tell you there were a lot of breaks-disguised-as-needing-to-check-my-phone. Terrible.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: I was petrified of returning to my trainer. I told her my arms hurt for 4-5 days and her response was a glib “Oh yeah, usually people’s arms will hurt for a week, but it gets better the next time you do that exercise”. I took this to mean I’d have to revisit the dreaded arm exercise, and I was right. Thankfully, I did fewer reps this week and seemed to emerge from the workout with a functioning upper body. What fears me about my trainer is how excited she’s getting at my upper body progress. I have no issue with her increasing weight and complexity with my lower body, but anything related to my upper body is terror inducing.  I think she smells my fear.

Activity: cardio + strength
Relevant Stats: 25 min. stairs + 60 min. strength
Observations: The one good thing about receiving a call that your car is going to cost you $2081 was that it lead to a good workout. I used my cardio warmup to try to work out my mild panic at dropping so much coin while unemployed, and then used the strength workout to manage my frustration at being completely unmotivated to change my employment situation. The result was one of my best workouts.

Activity: run
Relevant Stats: 45 min.
Observations: Don’t let the fact that this run was 24 minutes longer than Tuesday’s run lead you to believe it felt any better. It felt slow, sluggish and unpleasant start to finish. Plus, now that there’s even a semblance of Spring warmth in the air, I have turned into the world’s sweatiest runner. Seriously, it was maybe 14 degrees outside and I was a bucket of sweat. Ugh.

What’s that thing that runners always say? Something like, it’s the bad runs that make the good runs feel so good. I think that’s crap but I’m going to say it to myself today in hopes that next week brings some decent running to the table.  Until then, I’m going to get my long weekend on, which hopefully will involve all manner of sins like: wine, oceanside fish and chips, riverside walks with beer breaks, and gelato. Happy weekend y’all.


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