Real Talk Thursdays: cars are giant money suckers

This is the most obvious statement about cars that I could possibly make. Everyone knows cars are money pits.  But to be fair, my little car, a Hyundai Accent affectionately nicknamed Accent Aigu, has been fairly reliable over the years. Really, he’s had only two offensively expensive services in the eleven years I’ve owned him. But today, today he cost me $2081. I think the real kicker was that I went in for a standard oil change and to swap my winter tires for all-seasons. I was not expecting him to need so much extra TLC.  Well, that and the fact that today’s repair cost more than his current value. I am now at the point where any dollar I put into that car is nothing more than a sunk cost.

Did I debate whether to repair him? Not for a second.  It’s not like I can buy a new car right now. I’m not working.  But even more importantly, I am incredibly emotionally attached to my car. The thought of getting rid of my little sidekick is unthinkable to me.

Together, we have driven through dirt roads in Montana.  We have driven back and forth between Vancouver and Banff countless times.  He provided my post-Mount-Robson-marathon nap location. He has put up my with penchant for driving Washington State’s unpaved and often “rustic” forest service roads, where I abandon him for hours on end to explore the trails. He’s even had to survive three winters in frigid Alberta temperatures without even having a block heater.  It’s safe to say, we’ve been through a lot together and he’s been very, very good to me.

So yes, cars are giant money suckers and mine cost me over two grand today, but I’m not ready to stop pouring money into Accent Aigu quite yet.

This isn’t actually accent aigu. I like to think my little guy has an extra “je ne sais quoi” that no other Hyundai Accents have. But other than that, they are twins.



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