TWIR #58: It’s the Wine Weekend’s Fault

I have had a lazy kind of week and I blame lingering effects of the wine weekend. Excuse making at its finest. Let’s get this shameful summary over with.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: 4 wineries visited but less than one bottle of wine consumed (impressive!)
Observations:  There is no way around this: I sat on my ass pretty much from 8 am to 6 pm.  We were in the car, then having lunch, then wine tasting (during which, technically speaking, I was standing), then driving again.  We went for a forty minute walk but that was about as much motion as this poor body saw.  But I think I deserve major kudos for being in wine country and not even polishing off a bottle of wine between the two of us.

Activity: spin
Relevant Stats: 30 min.
Observations: The resort we stayed at had a gym so I had big plans to work out during our trip.  However, as many resort gyms are, it was fairly light on equipment. In fact, the weights situation was pretty tragic and there was barely any space to move around. There was at least a spin bike, on which I tried to fit in a decent workout, I really did! Hear me out. The spin bike was about eight feet away from a mirrored wall and all I had to look at was me, way too close for comfort. It wasn’t the view I had in mind for my workout and I just couldn’t handle it for more than thirty minutes. Or maybe it was just that I was anxious to get started with the day’s wine tastings….You be the judge.

Activity: unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: epic ass sitting
Observations: If I thought Saturday was bad, I was even more sedentary on Monday. I didn’t even attempt to work out in the morning after finding the previous day’s gym adventure so depressing.  Instead, all day my sitting was interrupted only by the occasional stop for wine tastings or food. But man that wine was good.

Activity: personal training session + cardio
Relevant Stats: 60 min. training session + 20 min. spin
Observations: There was no hiding from exercise after a weekend of laziness. My training sessions are a surefire way to ensure that. My trainer was back to her old tricks of trying to work me up towards pull ups (as if I’ve ever had the desire to do pull ups) and full-on tricep pushups (also something I’ve no desire to do). I followed up with a very brief cardio session at the gym, you know, to kill time before meeting a friend for savoury waffles. If you must know, mine was topped with smoked salmon, hollandaise, and poached eggs. Pretty sure the workouts didn’t come close to burning the calories in that deliciousness.

Activity: unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: Nashville episodes watched, 4; naps taken, 2
Observations: I’m not sure how I can reasonably blame the weekend wine trip for this monstrosity of laziness, but I sure do. I planned to run but it was disgusting outside so I contemplated the gym instead.  The only problem was that I stopped at contemplation and failed to move action. Before I knew it, I had spent all day on the couch alternating between naps and episodes of Nashville and I had not a speck of exercise to show for it. Total sloth.

Activity: Abby Grind (hike)
Relevant Stats: 4 km
Observations: The sunshine returned! And it was also forecast to be our warmest day of the year so far. If you live in Vancouver and experienced our rainy/snowy/sort-of-cold winter, you’ll know this was a big deal. I planned a bigger hike out in Chilliwack but spent 2.5 hours cursing iTunes for refusing to sync songs to my iPhone (a perplexing issue I still haven’t resolved!!!!!) and opted for something far closer and far shorter instead. Though not as challenging a hike as I’d hoped for, at least being among the trees calmed my iTunes rage.

Activity: strength training
Relevant Stats: 85 min.
Observations:  Does one good workout in a week make up for the rest of this crap pile of exercise? I think so. Today I killed it with the strength training, and trust me when I say my glutes are still reeling from the experience. I upped my weights on everything, and even reintroduced single leg squats even though my ankle was very unhappy with those movements.

Even though most of the workouts this week were pitiful, the fact that I ended on a high note means I’ll feel good while cramming my face with Cinco de Mayo tacos tonight.  That’s my flawed logic at work.  As for the rest of the week:


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