TWIR #53: In a Good Flow

This week in training, I was able to increase the time devoted to my workouts, which means that my body is tired. My spirit, on the other hand, is high because despite more time and more workouts, my body is holding itself together. That is definite cause for celebration, most likely to be in the form of wine this weekend!

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 11 km return, 400 m elevation gain
Observations: Oh. My. God. I need to hit the trails more often. This “hike” should not have been difficult in the slightest but, let me tell you, my legs were not interested in going uphill.  At all.

Activity: cardio warmup + strength
Relevant Stats: 30 min. walk/run + 60 min. strength
Observations: I tackled my fear of sciatica head on after 15 minutes of incline walking and decided nothing, not even pain, could be worse than treadmill walking for another second. Thankfully I was able to run without any sign of sciatica. I was so fired up from 15 minutes of running that I stuck around for a full hour of strength training. Three cheers for getting back to 90 minute workouts.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 7ish km
Observations: I was going to make this my rest day, and in hindsight I should have. I had a crappy meeting in the afternoon that put me in a positively fowl mood. I tried to run it off, but sometimes running is not the right medicine. I struggled through 4 miles and called it a day.

Activity: personal training + cardio
Relevant Stats: 60 min. training session + 2o minutes stairs/rowing/stretching
Observations: I was choked to see that my most favourite gym location had yet to fix the broken spin bike and, to add insult to injury, took away the second spin bike.  I was planning to add on a good post-training-session spin ride,  but couldn’t handle the spin bike whose seat falls down every five minutes.  I had to settle for stairs and some rowing, both of which I loathe. Still, another session longer than 60 minutes was a win.

Activity: spin + strength
Relevant Stats: 45 min. spin + 45 minutes strength
Observations: The second spin bike was back!!!! Hallelujah! I was super excited…until I actually started spinning and realized that my legs were still damn tired. It didn’t help that I was on day number two of super early mornings and wanted nothing more than to be back in bed. I consider it a major feat that I was able to last an hour and a half.

Activity: cardio warmup + strength
Relevant Stats: 10 min. incline walking/rowing + 50 minutes strength
Observations:  Day three of early mornings and the perplexing removal of the second spin bike (seriously, why do they keep taking it away?!?!) left me grumpy and unmotivated. I managed an hour, and it was a fairly high quality workout, but I was not happy about it. Also, my arms were done like dinner by the end of this one.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 4 km return, 330 m elevation gain
Observations: I was dead set on having a good, old-fashioned, lazy rest day today since I really haven’t had one yet this week. I was in my pajamas until 12:30 with zero intention of getting out of them. But a friend of mine was persistent in urging me to join her for a quick hike. I had no good reason not to go, other than my laziness (which I personally feel would’ve been a perfectly acceptable reason) so I acquiesced. I admit I had zero enthusiasm for it but, as with most workouts, as soon as it was done I was happy I’d gone.  Now I can reward myself with wine tonight and one hell of a lazy rest day tomorrow.

All in all, I’m starting to feel good about my progress. I feel like I’m on the path to a good hiking season if I can just get my endurance back to its old levels. Although my workouts are longer these days, I’m not spending nearly enough time focused on cardio endurance. I’m still finding it difficult to get excited about using cardio machines at the gym, and the weather has most definitely not been cooperating for hitting the trails (think rain for weeks on end). Also, these are all excuses. Before I start getting all negative, let’s focus on the good because this week I’m:


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