Throwback Thursday: Disney Edition (and how Disney causes SI injuries)

As you may know if you’ve been reading posts this week, we are currently in Orlando visiting both Disneyworld and the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational golf tournament.

Last year, almost around this time, my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland for four days and my SI joint has never been the same.  Not that he and I have discussed this at length, but even through our brief conversations we’ve decided that the injury has three potential roots:

1.Junkyard Jamboree: This is one of those rides that flings you in different directions like a wild animal clenching its prey in its jaws, swinging it from side to side until it succumbs to certain death. Perhaps that’s a tad melodramatic. All I know is that we rode it after a couple glasses of wine and got a little too into trying to crash into each other. While fun at the time, I have to wonder if having my boyfriend slam me into the side of the tractor car at virtually every corner just might have caused every muscle and ligament surrounding my SI to tense up in severe flight or fight mode.

2. Mad Tea Party: Much like the junkyard jamboree this ride has the potential to exert some serious g force on its riders, particularly if you discover what I believe my father hid from me my entire youth: if you turn the wheel in the middle, you spin infinitely faster. Well, my boyfriend got that thing spinning so fast that I was unable to focus my eyes at any point on the ride. Everything was an absolute blur.  This, of course, also meant I was being crushed against the side of the teacup for fifty percent of the ride.  Damn you teacups! You look innocent but you are not.

3. Walking 20+ kilometres per day and standing in endless ride lines in cheap shoes: So, let this be a lesson to you.  Wearing $20 American Eagle shoes that look like Keds but lack any of the cushion and support will leave your legs exhausted and your lower back aching by about day two of a theme park vacation.  Sperry Topsiders aren’t much better.  But, you know, running shoes just wouldn’t have looked good. Vanity is truly evil. The long and the short of it is that no matter how much stretching I attempted at the end of the day, in the morning, and even while standing in line, nothing was loosening up my severely tense back muscles. Nothing.

Clearly, any astute reader will see that number three is the only plausible option here as a true culprit for my injury.  Those poor, tense muscles never stood a chance when I returned home and tried to jump right back into my usual level of activity. They were primed and waiting for disaster to strike.

If you’re worried that this year’s Disney adventure may cause a similar injury trigger, never fear. This year I have taken precautionary measures to minimize the potential for re-injury.  This time around I packed nothing but active wear simply so that running shoes would be the only sound choice for my outfits. I will be winning no fashion awards, but at least Disney won’t ruin my body again.*

*Clearly, I am not actually implying that Disney is the cause of my injury.


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