RWIR #49: I Hate My Gym Edition

I have been working from home this week, which means I am nowhere near my beloved downtown gym location and have to rely on my local gym. I loathe it. It has less equipment, less variety of equipment, and far too many overly oily, tanned and tank-top wearing men. Sorry, men, but I really think no matter how muscular your arms are, you can stand to wear a shirt with some sleeve action.

At any rate, I just had to whine about that because it’s meant that my workouts haven’t been stellar on the cardio front.  I may be getting strong, but I am certainly not doing any favours for my endurance these days. Let’s see what I got up to.

Activity: Run!!!!!
Relevant Stats: 7.5ish km
Observations: I had waited all the previous week for this run. I thought I was ready to try a run by the previous Thursday or Friday, but I knew if I waited until Saturday I could avoid going to my local gym.  It was not my worst run after a couple weeks off, but it certainly fell into the category of ‘slow and steady’. When I finished I thought for sure I had run around 8.5 km, but I was only at 7.5 km, a distance barrier I seem to be incapable of breaking these days. Also, we had a housewarming party where my sangria, Munchies, and wine consumption was out of control and more than undid any benefit from my run. You win some, you lose some.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: couch + hockey game waffle cone
Observations: I knew I would be useless Sunday and I was right. I am too old to stay up until 2 am and function like a human the following day. We made breakfast for houseguests, and by “we” I mean my boyfriend did almost everything and all I accomplished was making toast. I then laid on the couch for about four hours straight before feasting on deep fried pickles and a giant waffle cone at the hockey game. So basically, I ate and sat on my ass all day.

Activity: Run!!!!
Relevant Stats: 7.5ish km
Observations: This was the first run I have had in a long time that felt okay. It did not feel good, but it did feel okay. I ran a sustained hill at the beginning, which felt pretty horrible and beyond slow, but by mid-point of the run I actually think I was running a reasonable post-injury pace (though I don’t track anymore so I can’t be sure). Also of note, I felt like I could have kept going this time around. I stopped because I am still trying not to overdo the return to running, but I know I could have knocked out another kilometre pretty easily.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min…and OUCH
Observations: I told my trainer I had run twice, which she clearly interpreted as “it’s go time”. She upped the weight on everything, added an extra set to everything, and generally made sure that my shoulders and arms would be rendered useless by end of day. Mission accomplished.

Activity: cardio warm up + strength
Relevant Stats: 15 min. stairs + 45 min. strength
Observations: This day could otherwise be titled “the day on which I started to hate the stair machine”.  On the plus side, my shoulders and arms got way more attention than they are used to.

Activity: attempted cardio warm up + strength
Relevant Stats: 5 min. stairs + 5 min. incline treadmill walk + 40 min. strength
Observations: This was the day I hit my breaking point with my gym. For the love of God, can they just get an assortment of cardio equipment that allows for some variety. Here is what this gym has: ellipticals, stair machines, and treadmills. There is ONE spin bike. ONE. And it is placed directly behind a mirrored pillar. You cannot move the bike anywhere. Using it means staring at nothing but yourself, and that mirrored pillar is super close, like under a foot from the edge of the bike. So, no. I have already mentioned, several times I think, my disdain of treadmill walking. I am starting to reach an equal level of hatred for stair machines. Moral of the story: I need to find more outdoor activities in my ‘hood or I will be freakishly strong but lacking in any endurance whatsoever.

Activity: spin
Relevant Stats: 40 min. spin + stretching
Observations: I had high expectations for a one hour cardio session today, but my body had no interest in following through. I have no great excuses. By 40 minutes I was over it. I blamed it on fighting off a cold, but in my heart I know I could have kept going. It is sad when you can’t even lie to yourself anymore.

So now it’s end of the week, and all I have to show for it are arms and shoulders that are still. so. sore. I suppose that’s a good sign for my typically feeble upper body, and yet I long for a way to build up my cardio that does not involve stepping foot in my local gym.  Maybe it’s time to turn my reading room into an at home gym…

This week gets a big:



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