RWIR #48: Lazy Edition

I promise that I really, really, really had good intentions of going for a snow run in Leavenworth…but then sausages and pretzels and schnitzel and beer presented themselves and all hope was lost. Can you blame me? At least once I was back in town, I got back on track with workouts, even when I had to get up at a very unpleasant 5:30am. It’s only 15 minutes earlier than usual, but it feels like much, much longer. One day maybe I’ll get used to mornings…Until then, let’s see what training looked like this week.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: sausage/pretzel combos consumed, 1
Observations: I sat in a car all day and then stuffed a giant pretzel, sausage and beer down my throat. After a brief reprieve from eating, we then stuffed delicious mexican food in our faces. Basically, I ate all day. Worst of all, I don’t think I experienced any actual hunger at any point during the day. What can I say? What happens in Leavenworth…

Activity: unplanned rest day/snow walk!!!!
Relevant Stats:  wine tastings and schnitzel? check!
Observations: We did walk a good 14 km throughout the day, but I will also admit it was all on flat ground and at a slow pace, and mostly in search of food.  First, after eating a giant breakfast, we went in search of perfect strudel. Thankfully (for our growing stomachs), we found none. Then we went in search of a wine tasting featuring free cheese and chocolate pairings.  Then we went for schnitzel and pretzels and my boyfriend bought not one, but TWO accordion CDs from the live accordion player at the restaurant.  This has nothing to do with eating, but I’d like to point out that we do not actually own a CD player. So if anyone wants a CD or two of bavarian accordion music, just say the word and they’re coming your way.

Activity: unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: Giant Milka Oreo bar purchased at duty free? Check!
Observations: We parted ways with Leavenworth and made the long drive home, briefly stopping at the Reptile Zoo in Monroe where I was horrified that they were charging $9.50 US for admissions. Did I want to see the two-headed turtle? Absolutely! But in my mind that was worth exactly $3 US to me.  Their price tag was what I deemed highway robbery, an appropriate pun as the museum is located along the highway.

Activity: Personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: My trainer continued in her efforts to make my shoulders function properly.  As a result, my arms and shoulders were jello by the end of our session.  My reward for all my effort–and for Valentine’s Day–was a pecan mudslide from Dairy Queen, which is, of course, the all-time best Dairy Queen treat ever made.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 50 min.
Observations: This was my first solid cardio workout in a long time. I felt good despite the early start, and even managed to incorporate a reasonable number of seated and standing sprints. I would like to thank my road rage for fueling my workout with anger. At least it’s good for something.

Activity: cardio warm up + strength
Relevant Stats: 10 min stairs + 50 min. strength
Observations: I wish I could be all noble and brag about my newfound commitment to strength training. The reality, however, is that it’s just easier for me than cardio is these days.  I do strength when I can’t stomach pushing myself with cardio.  I will say that I broke a very good sweat this time around. That has to count for something, right?

Activity: cardio + strength
Relevant Stats: 15 min. spin + 10 min. elliptcal + 25 min. strength
Observations: This is what I like to call a crap bag of exercise. I started on the spin bike but had one of those pesky bikes on which the seat was broken. It would gradually loosen and then slide down any time I pedaled furiously. Since the other spin bike was taken, I moved to the ellipticals that have adjustments for incline but, really, I loathe the elliptical so that was expectedly short-lived. My strength workout was surprisingly strong even though my arms are dead tired from three strength workouts in one week. All in all, this was not a bad workout.

This week can get one thing and one thing only, and that’s a big, old:

Speaking of pretzels, I feel like my weekend pretzel binge is still sitting squarely in my stomach. No. More. Pretzels…well, until my next trip to Leavenworth…

Happy weekend y’all!


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