RWIR #47: Snowpocalypse

Well, the snow returned to the Vancouver area with a vengeance.  Don’t even get me started on what it’s been like to try to drive when it snows in this town…No, let’s just focus on the task at hand–this week’s workouts. I can’t say it was a great week. I seriously lacked motivation and, therefore, seriously didn’t push myself. We can’t always be good examples, though, can we?

Activity: planned rest day/snow shovelling
Relevant Stats: 30 minutes shovelling, 4 hours sitting on my ass watching golf
Observations: I don’t really consider snow shovelling exercise as a rule. That is, until I stumbled upon an article that told me otherwise. So since it was an overall lazy week, I’ll slip that snow shovelling in to demonstrate a modicum of activity on an otherwise sloth-like day.

Activity: SNOW RUN!!!!
Relevant Stats: 35 minutes
Observations: I love, love, love snow runs and this was the first snow run I’ve had in BC that was reminiscent of Alberta. The snow was deep and soft, and brought a stillness and quiet to the world around me.  It was a magical run and I was in my happy place despite knowing the whole time that my SI really shouldn’t have been running. Sunday afternoon the snow really descended in a big way, and I witnessed four minor car accidents all on my way home from a friends. Once again, don’t even get me started on how people drive in snow here…

Activity: strength
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: Well, I had no desire to drive anywhere on Monday, partly to avoid other drivers but partly due to low motivation in general. My concession was to work out at home with some weights and resistance bands. For a home workout, it certainly wasn’t bad, but since all I own are two, 8 pound dumbbells, I sure wasn’t pushing it in terms of weight resistance.

Activity: stairs + strength
Relevant Stats: 30 min. stairs + 30 min. strength
Observations: Hallelujah, the sun came out. I was actually really wanting one more snow run, but the SI wasn’t letting me have it. Just walking to the exit from our complex was painful.  I was sad to have to go to the gym on such a stellar day, but at least the sun meant roads were clear.  All in all, this was one of my better workouts of the week.

Activity: spin
Relevant Stats: 40 minutes
Observations: This was my first early morning workout in almost a week, and it felt like it. Start to finish, I had no interest in the workout. I promised myself I could stop if I just made it to 40 minutes. I tried to rationalize it by saying it would get me to work earlier, which was important since heaps more snow was supposed to come our way in the afternoon and I anticipated I would be leaving work early. Truthfully, if we call it what it was, it was me slacking off.

Activity: unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: ugh
Observations: I really meant to workout. I had cancelled my personal training session because everyone was saying it was going to be snowmageddon, which it really wasn’t.  However, there was some lingering ice and slush out in my neck of the woods, so I did go into the office later, which got in the way of my morning workout. That meant I’d have to work out at the office gym.  I packed my gym clothes and had good intentions. I tried at 3pm but there was someone else in the gym and the idea of working out in front of colleagues (who were also blasting bad rock) was unappealing. I then thought I’d go for a run instead but realized I had no running jacket. I was going to regroup at 5pm with a friend of mine but it turns out there’s a group fitness class in our office gym at that time.  What you’re seeing is excuse after excuse that all added up to my not working out.

Activity: Run + Strength
Relevant Stats: 20 min. run + 40 min. strength
Observations: In the suburbs, the deep slush and puddle struggles are real. I opted for a gym day complete with a (failed) attempt at a run and a (reasonably) successful strength training session. My sciatic is not in a bad place, but I feel nerve tingly-ness (my highly medical term for it) down my leg. A couple of times, on foot strike, it actually felt like my foot was asleep. I figured that was a bad sign and cut the treadmill run short, which at least spared me the boredom of a treadmill run. I focused on shoulders and glutes in my strength session and found the shoulders to be in fine form today, but the glutes to be resistant to everything. I suspect the sciatica was at the root of that resistance.

All in all, this was clearly not my finest week. I may be in a need of a visit to physio in the near future. I’ve been hoping whatever went out of whack last week would just sort itself out with a bit of extra rest and abstinence from running, but it has not.  Even as I type this my foot is tingling in a trippy kind of way.  Alas, I will worry about that next week. For now, it’s time to pack and get ready for my Leavenworth weekend getaway–that is, if the highways all stay open for the weekend. At this point, that seems highly uncertain…

This week gets a big, old:



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