RWIR #46: Exhaustion

Man alive, I was tired this week. Just when I thought maybe I had adjusted to the early mornings, they came back to bite me in the ass. By 3 o’clock every afternoon, I’ve been struggling to stay focused at work. By 7 o’clock I’m a zombie on the couch.  It’s not a good feeling, friends.  I can’t say it’s helped my workouts either. Let’s take a look.

Activity: planned “rest” day
Relevant Stats: number of times smoke detector was set off, 2
Observations: I say “rest” day because we hosted dinner for 10 and, if you’ve done that before, you know it makes for a very unrestful day. The entire day was occupied with cleaning, shopping, food prep or hosting. I think if I had sat down at all during the day, I would have fallen dead asleep within seconds, which is exactly why I never sat down. Oh, and just to be clear, I didn’t set off the smoke detector because I burned the food. We have what I consider to be a highly paranoid smoke detector. But at least if anything ever actually catches fire here, we will be alerted well before it’s remotely problematic.

Activity: stairs + strength
Relevant Stats: 30 min. stair machine + 40 min. strength
Observations: I did not want to go to the gym. I was exhausted from Saturday’s events and over-compensating for the social nature of the evening with a wee bit too much wine. Somehow, mid-way through the workout my mojo kicked in and I was able to put in a solid effort. I also made my first slow-cooker pulled pork with a fully home-made sauce that I cobbled together by combining my favourite elements from three different recipes.  That’s a good day.

Activity: run!!!
Relevant Stats: 7ish km
Observations: I ran. I ran uphill. I ran faster than I’ve run a while, though that is still so, so, so much slower than I used to run.  It felt good at first, even on the uphill, but by the end my legs were dead and there was no more gas in the tank.  I have learned lately that I need to stretch and do my ‘reset’ exercises after a run. When I went to our company gym to try to do this, I discovered a full-on bootcamp class in session. I told myself it wasn’t a big deal to skip stretching for one day. Wrong. By end of day, I had minor stiffness around my tail-bone and the deep regret that comes from taking the easy way out. Do your stretching, kids.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations:  We had to take it a bit easy…yet again. My SI was still feeling strained, particularly with farmer carries.  I was annoyed as the last few weeks we’d been making good progress, but I kept trying to remind myself to take it in stead. My trainer is actually good at making quick modifications, and at creating a tough workout even when my mobility is limited. My shoulders, for instance, were screaming by the end of this workout.

Activity: spin
Relevant Stats: 45 min.
Observations: Dead legs. I had absolutely dead legs. They didn’t want to do seated climbs. They didn’t want to sprint (though, to be fair, that’s the usual). They didn’t want to do standing climbs.  Really, they didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to give up on cardio for strength training, but I knew that was the easy way out and I promised myself I could do strength Thursday if I just got through the cardio. I know I didn’t push hard on this workout, but I stuck it out for what I deemed to be a reasonable investment of time given that I dragged my ass out of bed to work out.

Activity: 10 min. cardio warm up + strength
Relevant Stats: 60 min. total
Observations:  I like a good strength morning. I did a quick elliptical warm-up because the bikes were all in use and then got right into a full assault on my arms and shoulders. I’m really focused these days on shoulder stability which seems so fleeting. I have days when I feel I’m making great progress with shoulder strength, followed by days when I wonder how it can possibly take this long to get stronger.  Still, I keep at it, and sprinkle in a good dose of glute work to keep these lazy glutes from slacking off again.

Activity: stairs + strength
Relevant Stats: 35 min. stairs + 25 min. strength
Observations: Well, it snowed here today and some [insert expletive here] turned left right in front of me, so I came literally within three inches of getting in an accident on my way to the gym today. There is nothing like a spike of adrenaline to fuel your workout. I felt unmotivated until my little flirt with danger but it’s one positive consequence was an energy boost that led to a great workout.  Glutes, shoulders and cardio, a triad of great.

So, to sum it up, the week was tiring and it gets a big, fat:

yup. that just about captures it perfectly.
yup. that just about captures it perfectly.

Happy weekend!


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