RWIR #44: Ugh

The title of this post perfectly captures how I feel this week. It’s been long. It’s been exhausting. It’s been an emotional struggle front to back. I will eventually capture my thoughts on this new role, but for now let’s focus on one of the few highlights of the week, which is relatively decent workouts.

Activity: incline walking + strength training
Relevant Stats: 60 min. total
Observations: Saturday was a whirlwind of chores and trying to get the last few things done around the house (which we didn’t). I almost bailed on my workout entirely. When 2:30 rolled around and we still hadn’t grocery shopped, hung pictures, anchored a cabinet to the wall, or completed about a million other little things, the last thing I wanted to do was work out. I caved, or rather my boyfriend sent me to the gym, where I managed 20 minutes or so of brutally boring high speed incline walking followed by a decent strength workout.

Activity: sort-of-planned rest day
Relevant Stats: Tator tots consumed? check. Mini hockey helmet full of chocolate-vanilla soft serve? Check.
Observations: I knew I should have worked out Sunday but I spent the morning doing chores and then we had an afternoon hockey game and then excuse after excuse came into play and I took the day off. At least we walked a lot. And I turned down deep fried pickles pre-game, which pretty much equates to working out (the calories would have exceeded those burned in a workout for sure!).

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: first day of work. ugh.
Observations: I avoided morning traffic only to hit epic post-work traffic. I won’t even get into my road rage. Between a ridiculous 7:45 start to orientation (I mean, I have a good work ethic but no companies start orientations before 8, let alone before 9), a full day of largely unhelpful orientation sessions and the desire to avoid post-work rush hour (which clearly failed), there was no workout happening.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: I started a training session at 6:45 am which, I assure you, is well before what I consider a suitable time for workout. Still, it was a surprisingly good session. I was able to use the Prowler with my full pre-injury-flare-up weight! I think my trainer was excited, which probably means next week will be hell. She likes to torture me when she feels I’m improving.

Activity: Run!!!!!!
Relevant Stats: 7ish km
Observations: After encountering an uncharacteristic 1 hr 40 minute commute outside of rush hour, I arrived at work super late, highly irritable, and sure I would have to sacrifice my planned workout. As it turns out, everyone was tied up in this ridiculous kick-off event planning and delivery and had zero time for me, and so I took advantage to fit in a run. Fuelled by anger and frustration, I somehow managed to run uphill and knock out a total of 7 km. Sure my lungs and calves and hamstrings were burning, but it was all worth it because there was no pain!!!!!

Activity: spin + rehab
Relevant Stats: 45 min. spin + 10 min rehab exercises
Observations: Another morning workout, care of a full-day event at work, and another reminder that my body is not in the shape it used to be. I was sore…from a 7km run. And I mean my legs were dead. Dead. I focused on hill climbs instead of sprints, since I always find them easier, and was amazed to survive 45 minutes.

Activity: Spin + Strength
Relevant Stats: 15 min. spin warm up + 45 minutes strength
Observations: Another 6:45 start to the workout…actually it was a 6:36 start. Who am I? I did a quick cardio warmup then moved on to strength. I’m really working on upping weights on my arms and forcing myself into doing as many pushups as possible. My arms and shoulders are constantly fatigued, but I have to think that it’s helping. As much as I hate to admit it, the pushups are feeling easier…but I still despise them.

I can’t even offer any parting words this week. As you can tell from the general lack of posts, I have almost nothing left in me. All I offer is this:



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