Monday Musings: damn you, common cold

Ugh. I knew it was coming. Yesterday I woke up more exhausted than usual and then I went for a delightful snow walk and I just knew it wasn’t simply the cold air making my nose run. Sure enough, I woke up today with a single, clogged nostril, not only one of my most despised cold symptoms but also a telltale sign that the common cold has descended on me.

I am not impressed. Want to know why? Let me explain by sharing the a list of things that go out the window when I have a cold:

  1. My patience (and I assure you there’s little of it to start with)
  2. A good night’s sleep (mostly due to my annoyance and lack of patience for having one clogged nostril)
  3. Workouts (it has taken me years to reach the point where I actually take an extra rest day when I have what’s essentially just a bad cold)
  4. Wine (the most distressing of losses as it’s my most prized of coping mechanisms for almost anything else)
  5. All attempts to eat healthily (it’s illogical but true that I have no desire to eat vegetables when I have a cold)
  6. Motivation to accomplish anything (ask the dishwasher that still hasn’t been unloaded…)
  7. Creative energy (you know, for things like blog post topics)

Normally, I wouldn’t get super fussed about a cold, especially since I still don’t have to worry about going to work every day. However, Christmas is fast approaching and I’ll be damned if a common cold will keep me from tasting all the wine and turkey and holiday treats that I can cram into my face. Today, I’m waging a war against this cold in the form of rest, water and my most dangerous of secret weapons, oil of oregano.

Take that, cold.

My thoughts exactly.

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