TWIR #39: Murphy’s Law

Well, it’s that time again! It’s been a rather lazy week for me but I have fully acceptable excuses, I promise. I had a friend visiting, and then on top of that I was trying to minimize the resurgence of some SI discomfort. Yeah, I know. I just wrote about having no issues on Monday. This is why today’s post is titled Murphy’s Law. Sigh. But let’s not dwell on that. On to the review!

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: 8 km walk, many Christmas gifts purchased…for myself
Observations: After last week’s snow-tastic adventures, the weekend kicked off with cold and rain, an uninspiring combination to be sure. Since I was coming off six days of workouts, it made for a perfectly timed rest day. Hurrah! We shopped, really for others, but ultimately purchased things only for ourselves.  Also, there was Minami sushi lunch, which pretty much makes for the best day ever.

Activity: Run (!!!)
Relevant Stats: 9 km with lots of uphill
Observations: I was hoping to get in a run that featured snow, but Vancouver is fickle and the snow had been washed away by, you guessed it, rain. Alas, I managed to run all the way to QE park, a nice little 4 km uphill stretch before heading back home. I felt grateful for fitting in a decent run when dinner turned out to be a sizeable plate of perogies.

Activity: run + stairs
Relevant Stats: combined total 45 minutes of hell
Observations: I really know better than to run in back to back workouts these days. I also know better than to fool myself into thinking that a few recent hikes would leave me in suitable stair running shape. Stairs suck. There is no other way to put it. And yet I occasional force myself to run up and down a set of them by our stadium. The only perk of this is that the stadium’s digital sign keeps me posted on upcoming concerts.  Thankfully my efforts were rewarded with an early Christmas dinner with friends. Turkey for the win.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes, including the dreaded kettle bell swings
Observations: My own personal opinion is that kettle bell swings have been designed only to ruin my body. I hate them, not because they are difficult, but because it seems like a really bad idea for someone with major joint instability to rely on those unstable joints to anchor herself whilst flinging a giant, weighted ball into the air.  My trainer hasn’t made me attempt them in months, but now that I’m showing improvements she thought that this was the day to give it a whirl. She was wrong. I tense up at just the thought of them and, sure enough, four short sets of kettle bell swings was all it took to bring back stiffness around my tailbone. Moral of the story: kettle bell swings are evil.

Activity: attempted spin
Relevant Stats: 40 minutes spin + rehab activities
Observations: I woke up stiff (damn you kettle bells!!!!) and also dehydrated from drinking wine while catching up with my friend and staying up way past my bedtime. Although I dragged my sorry ass to the gym, my spinning was half-hearted at best. My legs were tired from my training session and my head was tired from the too much wine.  Though the workout was a bust, I bought myself a sweet tourist t-shirt while my friend and I touristed about the city.  All you need to know is there’s a tartan moose involved.

Activity: Warm up run + Strength
Relevant Stats: 1.3 km run + 40 minutes strength
Observations: After consuming an incredibly rich grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, I felt compelled to fit in a late-afternoon workout once I dropped my friend off at the airport.  It wasn’t easy. Grilled cheese comas are real and leave you wanting nothing more than a sedentary Netflix binge session.  I was worried about the short run, given that I was still feeling some stiffness around my SI, but I took it slow.  Some of the strength exercises were also slightly aggravating but at least I’ve learned to stop rather than keep going.

Activity: snow hike!
Relevant Stats: 6.5 km
Observations: Snow. Sunshine. Crisp, cold air.  Perfection.  I also went early enough to avoid the crowds. I only saw one person my entire way up. That, friends, is a Grouse Mountain Christmas miracle.

So, as I suspected may happen, as soon as I thought I was on the mend, I’ve had a bit of a setback. Thankfully it appears to be a small one this time around and I’m hopeful that a few days of lower intensity workouts will keep it at bay.  All in all, it was a good week though. I got to catch up with a friend I don’t often see, she brought me fudge, and I got to be a tourist in my own city, which is much more fun that it sounds.  Also, there is the tartan moose, which is why this week gets a:

Tell me having this on your shirt wouldn't bring you immense joy.
Tell me having this on your shirt wouldn’t bring you immense joy.

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