TWIR #38: More Snow!

Sweet hallelujah, the sun finally came out. It was only for a couple of days and yet it was spectacular.  I was able to get two snow days in this week, which was better than I anticipated. Alas, on to the TWIR!

Activity: Spin + Strength
Relevant Stats:  20 min. spin + 30ish minutes strength
Observations: I barely considered this a workout but the fact that I made it to the gym at all was somewhat shocking given me semi-panicked state about hosting brunch for 20 the following day.  This one fell firmly into the camp of better something than nothing.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: brunches hosted, one; brunch wine consumed, undisclosed
Observations: Well, of course the day I had 20 people coming over it was gloriously sunny outside and the snow-capped mountains that I can see between buildings from my apartment were just screaming at me to get out there.  It wasn’t meant to be, but mini scones and red wine were. It’s not as weird a combo as you think. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Activity: Run!!!!
Relevant Stats: 10 km!!!!!!!
Observations: It started to snow on Monday and I love me a snow run. Unfortunately, this was the one time in history that the suburbs seemed to get less snow than the city. While it was snowing when I left for my run, there was none sticking to the ground and it actually started to rain within about 10 minutes. The only saving grace was that, about 7 or 8 km into the run, large flakes started falling from the sky and I ran the rest of my run smiling like an idiot.

Activity: Snow Hike!!!!
Relevant Stats: 8 or 9ish km return, 750 m elevation gain
Observations: This was my biggest hike in a long time, and extra gruelling in soft snow. You know what hiking in soft snow is like? It’s like running on the beach. My hamstrings were screaming the entire way. I wanted to give up, first where the trail crosses a logging road (this is about 1.5 km in) and then again at a sort-of viewpoint about 2.5 km in. I am so, so glad I kept going. I needed to have a small victory, and I was able to catch views of Mount Baker basking in sunshine.

Activity: Snow Hike!!!!
Relevant Stats: 6ish km, 250 m elevation gain
Observations: This was supposed to be the last nice day of the week and was also the only remaining day of the week during which I had a large enough chunk of unplanned time to make a hike happen. I am so, so beyond glad that I did. Tuesday’s hike was lovely but most of it was in the trees, whereas this hike was out in the open with stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains in every direction. It was snow perfection. I don’t even have the words to describe it.

Activity: personal training session + half-assed spin
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes + 10 minutes spin + 5 minutes stretching
Observations: I had a great training session, wherein my trainer made me do 104 lb farmer carries, which were awful because my sweaty hands could barely keep the kettle bells from falling onto my feet. After a successful session, I had all the best intentions of a full spin workout but quickly abandoned that in favour of coffee with a friend.

Activity: strength
Relevant Stats: 48 minutes
Observations:  I had five hours of interviews today. FIVE. I consider it a major victory that I accomplished any sort of workout.  I worked my glutes for the second day in a row, and even forced myself to do pushups, which we know I despise. But tonight, tonight is all about the wine.

All in all, this was a good workout week. There was SNOW! And for that I five this week a

Snow, snow, snow, snow.
Snow, snow, snow, snow.

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