RWIR #36: Return from the Cold

I’m back with another RWIR after an unplanned one-week hiatus. In reality, last week was a write off in terms of workouts so I would’ve had little to say even if I’d written. Alas, this week started out a bit rocky but has picked up as my energy has increased and my most unpleasant of cold symptoms have decreased. Let’s see what the week had to offer.

Activity: Strength + Running Intervals
Relevant Stats: 50 minutes(ish)
Observations: Well, it was my first workout after three days off and it felt like my first workout after three days off. The running intervals surprisingly felt the best, but that’s likely because my head was fully upright. Any exercises that weren’t completed upright were accompanied by a delightful sense of dizziness and pressure in my head. Maybe I wasn’t actually better yet…

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 62 minutes + physio exercises
Observations: Yes, I am including the extra two minutes of spin. We were out past midnight on Saturday for a double-header (Canucks game followed by the Wintersleep concert), which is a rarity for us. Despite neither of us drinking, thanks to our colds, we were both exhausted Sunday morning. Even so,  I managed to knock out a one-hour cardio session so I’m proud of those extra two minutes.

Activity: Run!!!!!
Relevant Stats: Okay, okay it was only 5 km. I probably could’ve done without the exclamation marks.
Observations: It was my last day of work and I was inspired to go for a run. I had this belief that it was going to go swimmingly.  It did not. After a decent Sunday workout, my body was like ‘no, that’s enough for this week.’ I struggled through a slow and painful 5 km run and called it a day.

Activity: personal training session + spin
Relevant Stats: 65 minutes with trainer + 30 minutes spin
Observations: Ugh. I suppose I should be happy I got five extra minutes for free but my trainer decided to ramp up our routine after weeks of fairly low-key sessions and I was not ready for it.  In addition, virtually every exercise was focused on the glutes. My legs and ass were dead by the end. Still, I had time to kill before meeting a friend for lunch and I decided what better way to kill time than at the gym on a spin bike. Sometimes I question my sanity.

Activity: Stairs + Strength
Relevant Stats: 4o minutes stairs + 35 minutes strength
Observations: I’ve been trying to up my workout times this week and, so far, have been succeeding. I loathe the stair machine at the gym and I’m not convinced it’s actually a legitimate workout, but I made it through the mental anguish of a 40 minute cardio workout nonetheless. I followed this with more glute work because, you know, they weren’t sore enough after yesterday. I fear I won’t be able to walk on Thursday.

Activity: Spin & Strength
Relevant Stats: 20 min. spin + 35 minutes strength
Observations: Well, after two consecutive days of working my glutes and legs, spin was just not happening…at least not easily. I tried, I swear I did, but I had zero energy for sprints and even less energy for hill climbs. It could also have been due to the epic traffic jam I had to endure to get to the gym, which put me in a foul mood. There’s nothing like taking forty minutes to drive four kilometres. Alas, at least I did more strength training. Maybe next time I see my trainer, her workouts won’t be such a brutal shock to my body…

Activity: Rest Day
Relevant Stats: Catfe visits: 1, coffees: 3, networking meetings: 2
Observations: If you have a Catfe in your city and you love cats, DO NOT GO. Seriously, you will want to adopt at least one, if not more. I learned this the hard way.  My biggest feat today, aside from not taking a cat home with me, was bringing my Christmas decorations out of storage. You know what this means: this weekend is decorating weekend!!!! Aside from that, no real activity occurred today, and my glutes are 100% okay with that.

All in all, a definite upswing from last week. I’m optimistic that next week I don’t overbook my time so heavily so I that I can maybe venture out for some snow hikes! For now, I give this week a:





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