Mid-Week Tangent: Misconceptions About Time Off

For those of you who read Monday’s post, you know that I left my job this week and am taking some time off before jumping into the next thing. In my mind, I imagined spending this time doing all the things that I never find mental energy for while working: hiking, writing, reading a real book from cover to cover, editing and organizing photos, cleaning up my cesspool of an apartment and, most importantly, relaxing.

None of this has happened. None. I thought not working would mean all this extra time on my hands. Granted it’s only been two days, but in these two days I have felt busier than I felt at work in my last two months. And the next two days look just as busy.

If you’ve ever wondered what people do to fill up their time when they’re not working, here’s a smattering of the things I’ve done/have planned for this week:
–Personal training sessions
–Lunch with an old boss
–Rush hour commuting (can’t avoid it even if you’re not working)
–Phone interviews
–Responding to prospective job-related emails
–Editing a friend’s resume and cover letter
–Applying for jobs
–Grocery shopping
–Making lunches and dinners for my boyfriend because, you know, he actually has to go to work
–Making homemade soup (see below)
–Hosting lunch for a couple friends featuring my home-made soup
–Meeting a friend for dinner
–Planning Friday night date night with a few of my favourite people
–Going to the gym, and trying to extend my workout times
–Meeting my old work team for a celebratory lunch at the Catfe

Notice the absence of frivolous activities like television watching, which really sucks as I’m trying to get through the rest of You’re the Worst before Shomi shuts down at the end of November. I know what you’re thinking, no one likes the person who complains about being busy. I promise you that’s not what I’m doing, though. I’m also not complaining about the time I have to do the things I outlined above. I know I’m fortunate to even be able to take a few weeks off work.

Hear me out. I just find it fascinating that I had such grand visions of hour upon hour of time to fill with projects I’ve been putting off. Little did I know that the more time I’m given, the more I will fill it with things that keep me away from those projects just as much as working ever did. It turns out my procrastination isn’t as job related as I thought.

Touché universe, touché.


*p.s. I also just wasted ten minutes trying to figure out how to HTML code an accent aigu for ‘touché’, as well as refreshing my memory on the difference between accent aigu and accent grave, so you can see just how easy it is for time to disappear.


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