Monday Musings: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Well, for the first time in this blog’s history, I absolutely, completely, 100% forgot to write a post and missed my usual Friday training week in review.  To be fair, I barely worked out last week thanks to my cold.  But that’s not why I didn’t post.  The real reason is that I was caught up in the midst of some pretty big changes.

Drumroll please….

I left my job. I left my job without a safety net of a new job. So Friday, instead of posting, I was tying up loose ends because today is my very last day (!!!!….and also, eek!). While slightly terrified, I’m also completely relieved to be leaving a role that has caused me considerable unhappiness for the last six months. I know it’s been bad for me, and I know that it’s taken a toll on my personal life just as much as my work life.

As most of you know, I’ve been struggling with this lingering injury and with workout motivation for the better part of six months and, if you were to ask for my honest opinion, I strongly suspect that both have been exacerbated by my work situation.   I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that my injury flare ups tend to coincide with particularly unpleasant times at work, nor that my motivation dips every time I go through a downswing at work. I completely believe that stress and negative mental energy prevent legitimate physical issues from improving, and keep me from feeling like doing anything other than binge-watching Netflix.

My own little personal experiment is whether this career change will also translate into sustained improvements with my injury, increased exercise motivation, and better workouts. I already feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. I already feel less tired. I am excited about tackling a few of my own projects for which I just haven’t been able to muster up the mental energy lately.  In short, despite not knowing what’s next for my career, I am all smiles today.

So here’s to day one of some new and unknown adventures, and to seeing just how much my state of mind means to my physical health and fitness.


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