RWIR #35: Gluteal Progress

Now that I look at the title for today’s post, it’s rather odd. But my piriformis muscle no longer feels like it’s on the verge of snapping, and that is cause for celebration. Also, I can once again complete one-legged exercises on my right leg without feeling like my muscles will give out on me. Also a win.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 6ish km, pace not tracked (but clearly slow)
Observations: I ran. I ran uphill. I ran slowly. Yet, I ran. And, for the first time in months, I did not experience severe tightening in my right calf muscle. This was a huge victory and left me, once again, cautiously optimistic. Of course, I outdid any good that my brief and slow run would have done by drinking lunch time (and dinner time) wine and having mid-day birthday cake. So…yeah.

Activity: Unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: grumpy factor at a 10/10, laziness factor also a 10/10
Observations: Despite gaining an hour, I couldn’t bear the thought of getting out of bed early enough to fit in a workout before spending the day baby showering. I had sort-of-intentions to work out following the shower but it ended later than I thought it would and, by that time, I had zero motivation. Instead, I ate pho and watched bad television and generally felt sorry for myself. Sometimes you just need one of those days.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: I got back on the workout train and managed an hour-long spin session that, while I can’t say it was great, wasn’t my worst. I felt stronger than I have in the past few weeks and integrated more and more sprints. And we all know how I feel about sprints.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: single-legged exercises accomplished! a good, clean sweat was broken!
Observations: After last week’s training session, when I was nearly in tears, it was a pleasant surprise to actually be able to do something successfully on one leg. That said, my trainer went nuts on my triceps which are, in all likelihood, the weakest muscles in my entire body. It is cruel to make me do three sets of three back-to-back tricep engaging exercises. Cruel.  I capped off the day with almost six consecutive hours of US election coverage accompanied by compulsive stress-eating of candy. Ugh.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 52 min.
Observations: You know those days when you really don’t feel like working out but you make yourself go anyway? This was one of those days. I couldn’t quite make it to an hour–or, rather, I didn’t want to–but I do believe the 52 minutes was much higher quality than I thought it would be when I first started.

Activity: Run!
Relevant Stats: 8ish km, pace unknown
Observations: My experiment continues…This was my second run of the week and only time would tell whether it would come back to bite me in the ass. I can say that my right calf didn’t hurt a lot while running, which is already a positive sign. Also I believe this was my first 8 km run in well over a month so three cheers for breaking the 6 km barrier!

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: the usual
Observations: Well, I survived despite it feeling like I was crawling through molasses.  And, as it turns out, I was only about two minutes slower than usual.  Bonus points: I got out of bed at 7:20 on a holiday to get my workout out of the way. Extra bonus points: my right leg muscles experienced no lingering soreness from yesterday’s run.  Hallelujah!

All in all, it was a much better week for me and my body, and particularly for my glutes. I had almost forgotten what it felt like before my sciatic went to hell, so it’s been delightful not to feel like my ass muscles are on the verge of snapping.  For that, this week gets a:

Okay, I don't have buns of steel but at least they don't feel like buns on the verge of collapsing.
Okay, I don’t have buns of steel but at least they don’t feel like buns on the verge of collapsing.

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