Monday Musings: Progress or Trickery?

Every once in a while my body likes to throw me a curve ball, I presume for no other reason than to mess with me. Saturday was one such curve ball.  For the first time since I developed SI-related sciatica, I went for a run and did not suffer excruciating muscle pain in my right leg combined with increased tingling in my right foot. Small victory or anomaly? Only time will tell. But I have this nagging feeling that it’s just my body’s way of making me feel optimistic only to let me down.

So why do I think my body is just messing with me?

  • Well, I have gone for a run per week, with the exception of while I was on vacation, ever since my sciatic was aggravated. Every single run has resulted the same: tight muscles in right leg plus increased tingling and numbness. It makes no sense why that would stop suddenly when all other factors remained the same (distance, pace, pre/post warm ups and cool downs). Perplexing.
  • I was just told my trainer, yet again, that I shouldn’t be running since it seems to be about the only activity that dramatically exacerbates my injury.  Normally when I say a big “f you” by way of stubborn refusal to heed advice my body rebels with more pain and injury, as if to say “listen to sage advice when you hear it, you fool!”  This time, I was rewarded by the sense of hope and potential progress. Again, perplexing.
  • I spent the better part of Friday trying (but failing) to get a referral for an x-ray to get to the heart of weather there’s an actual spinal issue causing this injury to endlessly linger.  The quest for an x-ray referral was driven by hitting yet another breaking point with the state of my injury. Therefore, I find it amusing that the day after I took action to try to get more information on my injury my sciatica miraculously felt better, even after a run. Perhaps my body is trying to avoid an x-ray, or it’s my semi-latent fear of doctors and health care in general. Regardless, the timing is, you guessed it, perplexing.

I’m going to run with it, literally, though. Lately I’ve been going on one and only one run per week, but this week I’m going to test things out by throwing a second run into the mix. I have to get to the bottom of whether my body is maybe (finally?) actually improving or whether my body is just being a jerk and totally messing with me.

Wish me luck.


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