RWIR #34: Highs & Lows

Well, thankfully my body has felt  more capable this week (i.e. less like I was dragging it through quicksand). On the downside, my sciatic-related issues are really starting to irk me. I’ve grown accustomed to tingling toes and a steady aching in my right calf muscles.  Totally normally, right? Here’s what’s gone down this week:

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: Hallelujah! Back under an hour!
Observations: I cannot explain the difference in strength and energy that I experienced between my previous workout and this workout. It was like night and day and, though completely unexpected, much appreciated nonetheless. I felt like I was back to my old self, and was even spurred on by some friendly competition (all in my own head of course) when I passed six fully uniformed and geared-up firefighters (they were stopped talking to someone) and I made it my mission not to let them catch up to me. I am proud to say I won that competition, never mind that they had full gear on. I mean, that’s clearly of no relevance.

Activity: Abby Grind
Relevant Stats: muddy as all hell
Observations: This little 2 km (one way) jaunt turned out rather treacherous for the SI-impaired. The mud was hidden by layers of rotting leaves creating a delightful oil-slick-like condition on the steeper sections of the trail. Interestingly, uphill proved more dangerous, my foot often sliding back as I tried to push off. It’s a wonder I didn’t do more damage to myself. Still, I caught the one window of rain-free weather in like two weeks, so I won’t complain.

Activity: Run!
Relevant Stats: 6ish km, 35 minutes
Observations: Determined to avoid the Langley Steve Nash, I opted to give running a whirl. I consider it more of a slow and steady plodding than a legitimate run, but given that I haven’t run in over three weeks, I was excited to see what would happen. In the moment things felt fine, aside from the burning lungs and general lack of fitness, and I fooled myself into thinking I had avoided any post-running backlash. Wrong. My entire right leg was experiencing pins and needles and aching the rest of the day, which proceeded to worsen overnight. My sciatic, it seems, is trying to keep me from ever running again.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: frustration levels at an all time high
Observations: Relegated to the most basic of exercises yet again, and once again incapable of single-leg dead lifts, I was on the verge of tears throughout this training session. It’s moments like these when the frustration and anger at the constant ups and downs get to me. My trainer suggested running should be taken out of my routine and it was the last thing I wanted to hear in that moment. I still cannot get on board with the time it’s taking to work through these issues and the general lack of progress. Oh, and to my sciatica, you can just go to hell at this point.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 60 min (!!!)
Observations: This was the first time in ages that I felt like I had a good gym workout. I wasn’t bored. I didn’t feel horribly out of shape. I did, however, allow myself to use a couple tension levels lower than usual, but honestly I think it’s giving me just as good a workout these days. The alternative is using my “old” levels of tension and getting tired and frustrated 30 minutes into the workout.

Activity: Stairs
Relevant Stats: 40 min. + physio routine
Observations: Oh stairs, I loathe you. I loathe you even more when I haven’t run stairs in months and am generally in far worse shape than this time last year. Last year, I ran stairs like a freaking gazelle and I could go forever. This year, I am like a lumbering, wheezing elephant. I barely made it to 4o minutes. Ugh. Even worse, there was an event going on at Rogers Arena and the entire time I was running stairs the aroma of mini donuts was wafting out of the arena doors. I don’t even like donuts but that smell makes me salivate.

Activity: feeling sorry for myself (aka unplanned rest day)
Relevant Stats: couch sitting: 8 hours straight, moodiness: all-time high
Observations: I wish being discouraged and unmotivated counted as an activity some days.  I kept pushing off my workout and then finally reached the time of day at which the workout was no longer possible. And I felt guilty but only because I know I won’t get in a good workout this weekend because of poorly timed events that interfere with my normal workout time.  Mostly, I just didn’t care and imagined a weekend where I do nothing but sit on my ass without guilt, knowing it’s impossible to actually do that, but wishing ever so much that I were capable of it.

All I can say about this week is one thing:



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