Monday Musings: On my 6 Month Injury Anniversary

I am a big fan of any birthday or anniversary or, really, any event that is cause for a party, wine, chocolate, cake and/or gifts.  Even so, I have to admit that this is one anniversary that I would rather not be celebrating.

October 14th marked the sixth month anniversary of my SI injury. It’s an injury that’s lasted far longer than I ever imagined, and caused me greater emotional grief than I ever thought possible. It’s made me question whether I’ll ever actually fully recover. It’s made me feel like my body has betrayed me, which is perplexing as, generally speaking, I feel like I’ve taken pretty good care of it.

Alas, even six months later I’m working on coming to terms with my adjusted lifestyle.  I’m most likely to get down on things when I run into people I haven’t seen in a while and their first question is “so, have you been hiking a lot lately?”.  That’s when it really hits me what a big part of my life has been missing since April. It’s also when I realize that I’m still a little bit in mourning for that piece of my identity that’s been lost.

This really wasn’t meant to be a pity-party post. I just had a moment last week when I realized just how long it’s been, and it seemed like a staggering amount of time for someone whose injuries have never lasted more than a few weeks. Rest assured, though today is not the official anniversary, I’ll be celebrating nonetheless because even a belated party is better than no party. Even better, this party will be Halloween style, complete with as many Coffee Crisps as I can squirrel away, wine, and the latest episode of Walking Dead.  If you’re taking notes, this is how you make the best of a not-so-great situation.


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