RWIR #33: Triumphant Return of the RWIR

First RWIR in three weeks! Hurrah! After a couple weeks of blissful respite from workouts, I’m trying desperately to get back to it. Let’s see what that amounted to this week:

Activity: Flying
Relevant Stats: Combined total of 12 hours
Observations: Naturally, I don’t mean I was literally flying myself, but I was trapped on a flying apparatus (i.e. airplane) for a solid 2 hours followed by a solid 10 hours, which essentially means I spent the entire day sitting on my ass. I also consumed terrible airplane wine because it was free, and terrible airport croissants, which were not free. All in all, it was not a good day for the body, with the exception of falling into a deep slumber at 8 pm after successfully avoiding the urge to nap all afternoon.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 10 km, 470 m elevation gain, 1h 54min
Observations: Well, turns out two weeks of walking doth not maintain fitness. This was hell from the start. There’s a 237-stair staircase at the beginning of the trail which already had me wheezing and my legs burning. The trail itself, normally something I don’t even consider a hike, continued to leave me breathless…and not in a good way. I have taken breaks from working out before and can not recall a time that returning to activity felt so utterly and brutally shocking.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: too embarrassing to highlight
Observations: Good lord. After Sunday’s foray, I expected this to be unpleasant but, once again, I underestimated the degree of unpleasantness. It took me TEN MINUTES LONGER to finish this hike. If you look at that as a percentage, it’s roughly 20% longer. On a 3 km trail. That is both appalling and humbling. My legs felt sluggish. My endurance was shot. It was not a good outing except that I got it out of the way relatively early in the day.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes of pain
Observations: I felt as though my muscles atrophied while I was away. Never before have simple squats and walking lunges and push ups felt so wretched. At one point, I told my trainer she was clearly punishing me for taking two weeks off from any form of significant exercise. She claimed not to be, but I don’t trust her. It’s always the quiet ones you have to worry about…Not only was the workout just damn hard, but my sciatic issues on my right leg have rendered my gluteal muscles useless. I couldn’t do any single-leg dead lifts on single-leg squats on my right side without feeling like the muscle was literally going to snap. Good times.

Activity: Spin + Reset Activities
Relevant Stats: 45 minutes spin, 10 minutes stretch/physio
Observations: In what was quickly becoming a series of humbling workout experiences, I discovered that I had to use an average of 2 levels lower throughout the entire workout as well as supplement with more frequent rest breaks. I was perplexed by why things seem to feel so much harder. It’s not like I didn’t do anything while I was on vacation. I was walking 15-20 km a day. I hiked some moderate trails. It doesn’t add up.

Activity: Strength & Physio
Relevant Stats: 45 minutes
Observations: After several abysmal attempts at cardio, I decided to take it easy and focus on rebuilding strength. I have to say, what my body really seemed to crave was a day of rest, but I am nothing if not consistent in ignoring what my body needs.  Instead of rest, I did a half-assed strength workout. As punishment, I experienced new sciatic symptoms that evening, including tingling toes. Oh, the surprises this injury continues to throw my way!

Activity: rest day
Relevant Stats: degree of sloth-ness HIGH
Observations: After a crap week of workouts, today’s rest day was unnecessary from an actual rest and recuperation point of view, but utterly necessary from a mental health point of view. It’s been discouraging this week, and there’s also a lot of things at work that are contributing to overall fatigue. And so, I took great pleasure in doing a lot of sitting on my ass and thus preserving my energy level to cheer on the Oilers tonight (!!!!!!!) while donning my Oilers jersey in an arena full of Canucks jerseys…and probably eating a giant waffle cone stuffed with vanilla/chocolate swirled soft serve. It is, quite possibly, the makings of a perfect night and the ultimate gluttonous cap to a supremely lazy day.

Alas, it’s been a depressing experience to try to get back to it. The only uplifting realization is that things can only go uphill from here. For the time being, though, this week gets a big:



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