Training Tuesdays: Getting Back on that Horse

Well, I had all the best intentions for working out over the last two weeks. I packed ample workout gear. I imagined myself running through the Tuscan countryside and along the Rhone river. I was going to share all those wonderful running tales with all of you.

As you can see from yesterday’s post, none of my ambitions were realized on this trip. Clearly, the wise course of action with a badly sprained ankle is to avoid running for at least a week, so there was some justification for my laziness.  However, this also means that instead of sharing a great training post with you, I’m sharing with you my recognition that I need to get back on that workout horse. And it might not be easy. I have to confess, I enjoyed the break from working out more than I ever thought I would.

Still, I know I need to get back to my routine. How? Well, I tried to hike the last couple of days and found that my endurance was far worse than expected.  Sunday I was aiming for a slow transition back to working out, picking an easy 10 km return trail with under 400 m of elevation gain. It kicked me in the ass. Every step felt…hard. Monday I went for my steady constant, the Grouse Grind, and finished an incredibly humbling 10 minutes slower than before I left. On a trail that short (2.8 km), I’ll leave you to do the math on what a downward spiral that is.

And so, my mission for training over the next couple of week is simple:

Get back to 6 workouts per week. No excuses.

Re-incorporate strength training STAT. I won’t lie, I could have done strength training while on vacation, at least once I passed through the acute phase of my ankle sprain.  Instead, I opted for extra sleep every single morning. I’m convinced the lack of strength training is one of the reasons that my last two workouts have been so incredibly hard.

Get back into my stretching and reset exercises, maybe even twice a day: I’ve found that my muscle stiffness and sciatic discomfort are considerably worse this week. To be fair, I think sitting on my ass for ten hours on a plane is the real culprit, but I don’t think taking a two-week hiatus from my basic re-setting activities was a smart choice.

Drastically adjust my diet: I ate everything that was put in front of me for two weeks. Everything.  I also ate things that weren’t put in front of me, things that I sought out in alarming quantities, things like macarons and pain au chocolat and croissants, and gelato. And don’t even get me started on the Valhrona store that makes unlimited samples available to its shoppers. I mean, really, who can turn that down? At any rate, it should be easy to get back on track given that none of those things are around me on a daily basis. Well, except for all that chocolate I brought back with me…

Here’s hoping next week’s Training Tuesday has a decidedly more training-focused flair. Until then, wish me luck getting back on track!



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