Training Tuesdays: Turkey Trot…How Have I Never Done This?


Unbeknownst to me, Turkey Trots are a big thing yet somehow, despite my love of turkey and my begrudging tolerance for running, I have never taken part in one. Sadly, I also missed this year’s event in Vancouver. I really shouldn’t say sadly, though. I mean, instead I’m frolicking through the streets of Rome so I guess that’s a pretty good consolation prize.

At any rate, come next year I need to take part.  It’s a perfect storm of things I like in a race:

  • It’s short. At only 10k it requires no training whatsoever. The Vancouver course is also flat, which pretty much means a lazy run day.
  • It’s non-competitive. It seems like people are in it for the fun…and the food, which leads me to…
  • It has food! Sure, races always have refreshment tables but the food options are usually pretty lame. I checked out a picture of the post-race meal and it looked like a full-on Thanksgiving spread.  I mean, the fact that it’s even called a meal is a major upgrade on your average race.
  • There are costumes! Okay, so I’m actually not one to dress up in costumes. That requires way too much effort. But I do wholeheartedly love admiring other’s commitment to epic costumes, and I am in awe of anyone who can run with additional layers of clothing and bulk.

In other words, next year the Turkey Trot is going to be my race of choice. I’ll be the one dressed as a normal runner, but carrying her own personal stash of cranberry sauce for the post-race meal.*

*Yes, I’m making an assumption, and likely an incorrect one, the post race meal is a turkey dinner. Otherwise carrying cranberry sauce would just be weird.


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