RWIR #30: Keeping it in Check

It’s my last week before a two-week vacation during which I’d like to have a properly functioning body.  Thus, my rule of thumb this week has been simple: don’t f*&k up my SI or sciatic. Here’s what I got up to:

Activity: Run!!!!!
Relevant Stats: About 8 km, pace unknown
Observations: I ran to the top of QE park, which is a pretty sustained hill from my place, and thus I felt like a rockstar.  I didn’t track my pace, but it doesn’t take an app to tell me it was generally slow-as-molasses. I don’t care, I made it up the hill without stopping. Victory.

Activity: BCMC
Relevant Stats: same as usual
Observations: Two good days in a row! I rocked the BCMC and forgot how different the trail really is. It required a lot more concentration, mostly because I am clumsy and prone to tripping.  Most importantly, I had energy to burn at the top. I was riding a high. Also, we had lamb for dinner, which is pretty much the best way to round out a weekend in my books.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 6ish km, pace unknown
Observations: This run felt a bit slower and harder than Saturday’s. Also, my right leg muscles, particularly my calf muscles were in a world of pain from start to finish.  I can’t figure out why this is happening since my sciatic isn’t actually in pain, but it must be related as my left leg felt fine.

Activity: unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: bags of recycling removed from my house: 9, bags of clothing ready to be donated: 3, stove tops cleaned: 1, loads of laundry done: 4
Observations: I could beat myself up about bailing on a workout, but really I feel no guilt. Right from the get-go, I had little interest in working out. I kept postponing it and postponing it until it was 6 pm and I admitted to myself that it wasn’t going to happen. I also kept telling myself that every time I push to work out when I really don’t feel like it, I end up injuring myself. That was likely just rationalization.  However, my laziness on one front allowed me to be a domestic wonder. I got a ton of necessary tidying and laundry done in preparation for my brother and sister-in-law’s visit.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: same old
Observations: It is almost time to don the headlamp when hiking this trail in the wee hours of the morning. It was pretty dark and eery at the bottom a la scenes from Stranger Things, but the sun broke over the city when I was at the top so that made up for my early anxiety. I felt fairly strong and I think the hike helped loosen up my tight gluteals, which helped my sciatic to feel less on the fringe. Another win from the day: I successfully avoided chocolate caramel loaf from PureBread.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min., mostly basic movements but weighted this time and focused on hip movement.
Observations: I had grand ambitions for doing a second workout after my training session, but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to take care of things before my brother and sister-in-law arrive, along with trying to prepare for vacation.  Instead, I did my training session and walked 11 km to and from various errands and appointments.  I also cleaned and, for the record, sweeping and swiffering an entire apartment, including moving furniture to do it properly, is no joke as an activity.  Related: I really need to work on being less of a slob.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: cold: yes, rainy: yes, hellish: YES
Observations: Today’s hike was fuelled entirely by anger. I won’t get into the circumstance but at least I now know that hiking angry a) doesn’t make me any faster nor slower and b) makes it feel 10 X harder even though it’s not taking any longer. To top it off, once I got to the top it was rainy and windy and freezing cold and, because of the wind, the gondola was going extra slow and it took twice as long to get down. Needless to say, the day didn’t start off well.  But then I remembered that tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Italy and, well, that does make things a little bit better doesn’t it?

All in all, I don’t even care how this week went, aside from avoiding any injury-related pain.  Here’s what matters at the end of this week in review:



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