Training Tuesdays: To Track Pace or Not to Track Pace

Lately I have been going back and forth on tracking my pace while running. Some days I’ve been faithful to my pace app. Other days I just listen to what my body’s telling me.   It’s been an experiment of sorts, and by ‘of sorts’ I mean there’s been no scientific due process employed whatsoever.  Really, it’s been more of an intuition check. Regardless of my approach, I’ve come to the conclusion that right now I am anti-pace-tracking.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a time and a place for pace tracking. Right now, with my primary focus being to prevent injury aggravation, it just doesn’t make sense.  I’ve noticed on the days I’ve tracked my pace I either get really frustrated or I try to push myself to go faster, which causes me to burn out quickly and run shorter distances.

When I don’t track my pace, I am likely slower, but I keep running for longer distances, and I tackle hills instead of having to stop.  Given that I’m not in training for anything right now, increasing my distance and overall endurance seems a far more reasonable (and important) goal than being fast.  Really, pace tracking is only helpful to me when I’m actually training or trying to gauge my improvement run over run and that’s just not the place I’m in these days. In the short term, it’s all about the slow and steady consistency.

I’m giving up any form of time tracking device for the foreseeable future.

Long story short, for now I’m tucking my little pace-keeping app in for a bit of an extended nap. But don’t worry, he’ll be back as soon as my body sorts itself out.



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