RWIR #29: Upward Swing

Well, I have to say on the activity front, I am happy with the quality of 80% of my workouts this week, which is substantially higher than usual. On the nutritional front, however, this week left a lot to be desired and I’m sure I more than outweighed any caloric burn with my consumption. Let’s just all try to put that behind us and move on…

Activity: Run!!!!!
Relevant Stats: 9 km, average pace 5:53 min/km
Observations: Well, it was my slowest 9 km in years, but I ran it and it was magnificent. My muscles aren’t what they used to be, nor is my cardio, but at least my SI didn’t freak out, maybe because I wore the dreaded SI belt. No matter the cause, I am just happy to have completed a run of reasonable distance. Halle-freaking-lujah.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: 850 m elevation gain, 3 km
Observations: I’m still rocking the solid 53 minutes, which is way off my old time, but much better than I was doing a few weeks ago.  I took my time partially because I am an unfit, lumbering beast going up the trail and partially so that I don’t trip or slip on a rock and cause my SI to fall apart (not literally of course…though I sometimes wonder if this could happen…).

Activity: Run!
Relevant Stats: 7 km, average pace 5:50ish min/km
Observations: After Saturday’s running victory, I was super pumped for this run. Unfortunately, there was no victory or magnificence in sight this time around. My entire right leg was a world of muscle tightness and stiffness, which made me anxious about a sciatic flair.  I muddled my way through and ended with a shorter run than planned. I still consider this a success, though, as I haven’t run more than 15 km in a week in…I can’t even recall how long.

Activity: Spin + 1/2 assed strength
Relevant Stats: 45 minutes spin, 10 min. strength + stretching
Observations: I don’t know what it is about post-cardio strength work at the gym. I just cannot motivate myself to do it. I did a solid spin workout leading in so I didn’t feel tremendously guilty for the short and largely unchallenging strength component.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: same as always
Observations: The highlight of this Grouse Grind was witnessing a stunning sunrise over the Lions and downtown Vancouver.  It made me happy that I didn’t just roll over and go back to sleep, which was really my stronger desire that morning.  My motivation was fear that the afternoon’s acupuncture treatment would somehow render me unable to hike on Thursday.  Fear does motivate, people, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: OMG we used weights! And resistance! And the prowler!!! It felt like more of a legitimate workout than the past few weeks. According to my trainer, pro-sports-team-and-olympic-team chiropractor gave her much more specific guidance about how to work within the confines of my injury.  So maybe he is worth is hefty price tag, after all. Sadly this doesn’t change the fact that he’s unaffordable.

Activity: planned rest day
Relevant Stats: gluteal soreness from yesterday’s session: high, calf pain from standing and delivering a workshop all day: even higher
Observations: I don’t have the type of job where I typically stand on my feet all day and, thus, when I have to do this to deliver workshops, I’m reminded of how exhausting it really is.  It’s just standing, yet somehow it feels ten times worse than walking all day.  I am looking forward to an evening of either sitting or walking–there will be no standing. There will also be peach lambic (it may even be happening as I write).  If you haven’t tried this, I have just given you your weekend present. You’re welcome.

And so, this is a week of progress and, once again, cautious optimism of week’s past.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to dive back into that peach lambic. This week gets a:



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