RWIR # 28: Back to Basics

This is the week where I learned that, among other things wrong with my body, I don’t breathe correctly. It is also the week where I’ve been relegated to basic body mechanic exercises, which is the workout equivalent of being demoted. Really, this whole injury recovery process has basically contributed to my feeling like a completely broken human being.  It’s just great for the ego. Alas, here’s what I accomplished this week:

Activity: Spin + Strength
Relevant Stats: 60 min. spin, 20 min. strength
Observations: After sitting on my ass all morning watching the seemingly never ending rainfall, I realized my plan to hike on the North Shore was not coming to fruition. Instead, I forced myself to the gym where I was surprised to have a great (and pain free!) workout.  That evening I chose to celebrate with a pecan mudslide, which you’ll recall is one of my faves, only to ruin it by placing in the freezer for half an hour. Word of caution: the pecan mudslide MUST be consumed immediately. The freezer messes severley with its textural perfection.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation gain, 7 minutes faster!!!
Observations: No rain! Also, 7 minutes faster!!!! The only difference to which I can reasonably attribute the increase in speed is not drinking any wine the night before. Although, to be fair, it could also have been my extreme excitement to be able to do something outside of the gym.  Either way, I felt strong for the first time in weeks.

Activity: Spin + Strength + Attempted Jog
Relevant Stats: 15 minutes spin + 5 min. jog + 30 min. strength
Observations: After Sunday’s victory, I thought for sure that I was ready for a run. I chose the treadmill because it affords the ‘quick exit’ option should sciatica or SI issues have flared up.  As soon as I increased the speed above 5.8, it was no bueno.  Discouraged, I returned to the spin bike but I was in such a state of disappointment that I lasted a mere 15 minutes before moving on to a half-assed strength workout. Overall, this was a workout fail both physically and mentally.

Activity: personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: Yeah, we did a lot of breathing, and then a lot of unweighted exercises where I realized that without constant reminders I will not keep my “collarbone space”. I consider my workouts with my trainer some of the most humbling and depressing experiences of my week.

Activity: Run + Core
Relevant Stats: 4 km in 25 minutes (hellooooo slow!) + 15 min. core
Observations: Four slow-ass kilometers have never felt so good. I even wore the dreaded SI belt for an extra layer of protection. I wanted to keep going and felt like I could have kept going, but I figured I should play it a little bit safe given that every time I push the envelope even a little bit it seems to bite me in the ass.

Activity: Grouse Grind
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation gain, STILL 7 minutes faster!!
Observations:  Despite an unbearably early start (I am not a morning person), I managed to fly up the trail yet again, which surprises me as neither my body nor mind tend to function particularly well until around 10 am. Bonus points: no SI or sciatic flare ups after yesterday’s run.

Activity: sort of planned rest day
Relevant Stats: a looooot of sitting on my ass
Observations: Since I half-assed Monday/Tuesday workouts this week, I felt like I should probably work out today, but this conflicted with the feeling that I should be giving my body some rest after two days of SI-unfriendly activities. The tie breaker was the the rain, which made running stairs outside sound very unappealing.  So I seized the moment to be lazy under the guise of a necessary rest day.  Yeah, I’m motivated like that.

All in all, I’ve been relatively stable on the SI front this week so I know I should be all chipper and upbeat. But I also hate the word “should” because, really, it’s only used to try to tell yourself and others how to think/feel/act/behave when you don’t really want to think/feel/act/behave that way. So instead, I’m seizing my mental and physical exhaustion. Truth is, I’m worn down, I’m tired of being injured, I’m tired of thinking things are getting better only to have setback after setback. Therefore, this week gets a



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