Monday Musings: Opportunity Cost of Missed Races

Thanks to my delightfully unstable SI, I’ve missed three races this year. First, I missed the Coast Mountain Trail Series Survival of the Fittest Race. Then I missed the Mount Robson Ultra. Most recently, as in yesterday, I missed the Campbell Valley Wine Run. Each of these races carried a price tag, none big mind you, but a price tag nonetheless.

The total value of these races was a cool $200.  Again, this isn’t a huge dollar figure relative to most race fees.  But make no mistake, there are opportunity costs here.  In fact, I realized there are a lot of things I would rather have done with the $200 I threw down the drain on race fees this year.

In fact, if I had that $200 burning a hole in my pocket right now, here’s just a few of the things that I would contemplate doing with it:

  • Put it towards proper book shelves so I can retire my sad and alarmingly cheap (both in appearance and in quality) IKEA bookshelves, which right now keep my books relegated to the depths of my flex room instead of proudly on display.
  • Buy two new pairs (er…almost two pairs) of Lululemon running tights. I go through these things like wild fire and, really, even though I already have four or five pairs, you can never own too many.
  • Add 8 bottles of wine to the ever-growing inventory, maybe more if I went with some cheaper varieties.
  • Offset the insane cost ($500!!!!!) of the new Dyson Blowdryer, which I firmly believe will make my life better since I hate, hate, hate blowdrying my hair.
  • Spend it on a plethora of kitchen gadgets (hello candy thermometer!)  that I sort of want but would likely never use because, let’s be honest, I never bake anymore.

And that’s just a list off the top of my head. Imagine what I would come up with if I put some serious thought into it.  Alas, none of these wish list items are in my foreseeable future but a girl can dream, can’t she?  Let this also be a lesson to you: don’t sign up for more races when you’ve already missed one due to an injury.Imagine what you could be buying with that money instead…


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