TWIR #26 Rebranded: Tearful Week in Review

OMG it’s been a half year in this space! How is that possible? In that half year, this blog has morphed from its intended ultra training recap to mostly me bitching about my injury. This week is no exception. I have little to offer in terms of actual training, as you’ll see below, but nonetheless I’ll recount the steady decline of my physical and mental state. Join in the fun!

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 8 km, 5:48/km average pace
Observations: My one and only workout for the week! I knew I shouldn’t have run. My SI was tight from the start but running didn’t seem to worsen it and I managed to run 8 km in the scenic Okanagan (i.e. with a crap ton of hills). Then I didn’t stretch or do my cool-down routine. Then I kicked a tumbleweed and it all went to hell. The spasm was pretty bad but short-lived and I didn’t think much of it.

Activity: golf cart driving and Advil-taking
Relevant Stats: 5 hours in a golf cart, 6 extra strength Advil in 8 hours (don’t try this at home)
Observations: I felt…okay on Sunday morning. I was a bit stiff but figured it would work itself out throughout the day. We went to Predator Ridge where my plan was to be the world’s best golf cart driver and moral support for the day, so I really had no intention of working out.  While my boyfriend practiced for his round, I decided to mess around on the putting and chipping greens.  One little chip shot and my SI’s fate was sealed. I could barely walk and, were it not for the kind soul/random golfer who offered me Advil from his golf bag, I may not have survived the day.

Activity: Sitting in the car/sitting on the couch
Relevant Stats: ice pack applications: 5, bottles of wine consumed: 1, hours of golf watched: 5
Observations: We got back from the Okanagan early and my original plan was to fit in a workout upon return. After an uncomfortable car ride home (and more Advil), it was clear that wasn’t the best plan. Instead, I watched a lot of golf, drank a lot of wine, and spent most of the day on my ass. I thought that would be enough to fix everything.

Activity: unplanned rest day #2
Relevant Stats: unbearable drives: 1, awkward hobbles through airport: 2
Observations: I don’t know what happened between Monday night and Tuesday morning but I could barely walk when I got up. Carrying a suitcase down to my car and then driving home certainly didn’t help.  And then I had to suffer the awfulness of the airport hobble, where for the first time it took me as long as the signed walking time estimates to get to my gate. It was like my Everest. I called my parents from the plane and asked them to find me a chiropractor who used laser therapy STAT, which they were thankfully able to do. I was able to get laser treatment and assumed it would do the trick.

Activity: slow ass walks + most basic of prescribed stretching activities
Relevant Stats: morning walk: 15 minutes, afternoon shopping/walk: 2 hours, evening walk: 15 minutes
Observations: I felt like I was on a solid path to recovery on Wednesday. Walking felt progressively better and by end of day I was taking normal steps and I was able to work through most of my stretching routine, only excluding single-leg activities. I felt like I was on a solid road to recovery.

Activity: curling in a fetal ball and crying
Relevant Stats: hours on couch: 6, moments realizing TV sucks: countless, pain level: 8
Observations:  I went for a morning walk and it felt okay. We wandered through the shops in “downtown” Cochrane and I felt achy but ok. I got home and had a snack prior to a planned gym trip and felt…ok. Then as I was changing my pants, I moved my leg awkwardly and my SI went nuts. I cannot describe the instant and excruciating pain and spasms. It’s unlike any I’ve felt. Everything seized up. Instantly. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t move without sharp pain and epic spasms. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening alternating between crying, feeling sorry for myself, cursing this lingering injury, watching horrible TV, and drinking wine. Then, suddenly and inexplicably, by the end of the night I was able to walk with only minimal discomfort, causing my frustration and confusion to reach maximum levels.

Activity: Walk + Physio
Relevant Stats: 5.5 km walk, 35 minutes physio exercises
Observations:  Hallelujah I walked up some hills and stairs and didn’t die in the process and I successfully changed my pants (more than once!) without throwing my SI into a frenzy. I’m still unable to do one-legged weighted exercises of any kind and even unweighted dead lifts were not feeling so hot.  Baby steps.

Do I really need to spell out how I feel about this week? Probably not. If the universe is trying to teach me an epically large lesson in resilience and overcoming obstacles, it can stop. I get it.  Just let me get back to doing my thing, please.  Or maybe it’s because I haven’t thanked the universe enough for teaching me this lesson, so I’ll throw in a cheap plea for the universe to cut me some slack by saying:




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