Training Tuesdays: Trusting Your Gut

I’ve been pushing pretty hard the last few weeks to run more, hike more, lift more. I’ve been hustling to regain lost fitness and endurance before winter settles in and makes it more challenging (okay, maybe not more challenging, but at least less desirable). I’ve been so incredibly frustrated feeling like I’m not making enough progress that I ignored all of the early warning signs of re-injury and foolishly pushed ahead when I knew better.

–I tweaked my SI last Tuesday and worked out on Wednesday anyway and thought I could combat it fully with just one emergency laser therapy treatment.

–I took Thursday off and thought it would be enough but then hiked the Grouse Grind on Friday because I couldn’t dare take two unplanned rest days in a row.

–I was stiff as hell on Saturday morning, with significant muscle soreness around my SI (a telltale warning) and I ran 8 km anyway because I didn’t want to miss a workout. And then I didn’t do my cool down SI stretching routine afterward.

–I kicked a tumbleweed on Saturday (don’t ask) and felt a sharp, piercing twinge and didn’t even try to prevent it from worsening by working through my “routine”.

Then it happened: I was messing around on the chipping green on Sunday morning and hit a standard (i.e. poor technique and even poorer aim) chip shot and my SI went in glorious spasms and has yet to recover to the point that I can even walk properly. So yes, the warning signs were ignored and now I’m in the Rockies for the week and completely unable to hike, which is precisely what I came here to do.

What is my point here? It’s not just complaining, I promise. My point is that we need to trust our guts with injuries. Training is great. Getting stronger is great. But having a healthy and healed body froms the foundation of any training success. Specifically on Wednesday and Saturday, my gut was telling me I should take it easy and be careful. Instead of trusting my gut, which I know to be a reliable gauge, I forged ahead in the name of “progress” only to end up yet another two steps behind. Let this be your cautionary tale: you (and I) know when the body needs healing time. Listen. Just listen.


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