Monday Musings: Summer 2016 in Review

Technically speaking, I know that summer isn’t over yet, although, let’s be honest, once Labour Day rolls around most of us consider it the sad and slow slide into Fall. And so, it seemed a perfect time to reflect on Summer 2016.  I’m taking some liberties with “summer”, though, and counting everything from May to September. Let’s take a walk back in time, shall we?

New Trails: I had a laundry list of trails that I intended to hike this summer including the 54 km trek in/out of Mount Assiniboine (as a trail run training run), Needle Peak, Yak Peak and Mount MacFarlane.  My body had other plans for me, though, and I hiked the fewest new-to-me hikes in the last four years.  Alas, here is small and unimpressive list of 2016 new-to-me hikes:

1.Alder Flats
2.Mount Nutt
3.Fragrance Lake 
4.Tunnel Bluffs
5.Oyster Dome
6.Mount Galiano
7.Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm
8.Pine & Cedar Lakes
9.Abby Grind
10.Mount Thom

Total Hiking Distance: Untracked! Eek! I probably covered a good number of kilometres between repeat hikes (like Flora Lake, Elk Mountain, Mount Seymour and BCMC) but I’m absolutely positive it’s nowhere near last year’s tally of 850ish kilometres.

Training: I think it’s safe to say any real training was non-existent this summer. I had to defer a 13 km trail race and my planned ultra marathon. However, I’ve consistently been working with my personal trainer to build strength that will stabilize my SI and (painfully) slowly trying to build up endurance all over again.

Other Stuff: So as not to sound like a downer, I have to point out that everything other than my injury (and its impact on my hiking and training) was pretty awesome. This summer I fit in:

–four camping weekends, including camp fire hot dogs and marshmallows
–two wine weekends
–one wedding weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake
–one Guns n’ Roses concert (that was THE BEST CONCERT EVER)
–one Tragically Hip concert
–countless at-home BBQ nights with good wine and even better company
–one mid-week girls’ getaway to Galiano Island
–one fabulously delicious birthday dinner chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings at Hawksworth

All in all, it’s not at all the summer I imagined for myself. If you had asked me in April, summer was going to be all about training for my ultra. I was going to spend every waking moment on the trails.  And yet, even though it’s not the summer I expected, it’s turned out to be full of fun and adventure and I can’t say I have a single regret.


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