Training Tuesdays: Grouse Grind vs. Abby Grind

I am always on the lookout for the next best “maintenance hike” (i.e. quick go-to hikes meant purely for workouts and not for scenery). For years in Banff I used Sulphur Mountain and, here in Vancouver, I’ve tended to rely on the BCMC or Grouse Grind.  I’ve heard all sorts of things about the “Abby Grind” (i.e. Abbotsford Grind) but, given that I live in the city, it’s never been top of my list…until this weekend, when I was out in the ‘burbs and encountered ongoing SI discomfort. It seemed the natural solution to my search for a short, steep, quick hike with minimal driving.

Having experienced both trails, I now present to you my definitive comparison of the Grouse Grind/BCMC vs. the Abby Grind based on ten (!!!!) criteria:


There you have it.  I inadvertently presented you with a complete stalemate, which just goes to show you it’s probably dependent on your own personal preferences! Personally, though, although each won five votes, I’d still say go with the BCMC. It makes me hate my life more, and that’s the sign of a tough workout.




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