Throwback Thursdays: My History with Hiking

I have been reminiscing about my ‘old hiking days’ as if this is the first year of my life when hiking hasn’t been the be all and end all.   Although I like to think that I’ve always been an avid trail wanderer, the reality is that most of my life I’ve been indifferent or loosely interested in mountain adventures. There’ve really been only a handful of years in the last decade in which I could classify myself as super-hard-core-obsessed with hitting the trail any time I had a moment to spare.

This accurately reflects my hiking enthusiasm by age group:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.49.55 PM

Yup. It’s pretty clear that most of my life has been well below the “mild tolerance” line.  I’ve fooled myself into thinking I’m way outside my version of normal when, really, spending a moderate amount of time on trails is a far more prevalent theme in my life. In fact, I’m actually above my normal. The graph shows it, and graphs never lie. It just goes to show you, nostalgia and memory, they can’t always be trusted.



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