Training Tuesdays: I Heart Laser Treatments

One thing I’ve learned over the last five months is just how wonderful laser treatment is for acute inflammation. I’ve had laser treatments in the past for my many, many (many) ankle sprains, but never before has it been suggested for my SI. I’ve always relied on active release therapy (ART) in the past, which has always worked. But this latest SI injury incarnation threw a wrench into a previously tried and tested treatment formula.

Since the very start of this latest SI injury, laser treatment has been the only thing to provide noticeable and immediate improvement. ART was actually making it worse.  Personal training was helping, but in a long term sense versus addressing acute pain. No, only the low level laser therapy seemed to do the trick.  I have now decided laser therapy is a ligament injury’s best friend…well, maybe second to a little bit of self-pity and a lot of wine. But in terms of actual injury improvement, it’s definitely your best friend.

I have to admit that at first I thought it was just a little flash and dazzle that allowed health care professionals to charge me more money for essentially swirling a wand over an injury. But when one of my ankle sprains healed in a week instead of a month, I began to appreciate its simplicity and power.  It’s really the perfect treatment:

It works: Clearly this is the most important factor. I’ve always felt immediate improvement after one treatment (remembering that improvement is relative), and exponential improvement after subsequent treatment.

It’s relaxing as hell: It’s like a warm message. I get to lay on my stomach and close my eyes and it’s about as close to utter relaxation as I can get in the middle of the day. I’d do it even if I weren’t injured…if they let me (side note: my physiotherapist tells me for a paltry $30,000, I can own my own machine and make this dream a reality).

Your practitioner has to wear ridiculous looking protective glasses: I am likely the only one to get joy from this but I’m always the one who looks ridiculous hobbling in and out of treatments and he takes great delight in mocking me and my injury.  It’s about the only time the balance of power between us tips slightly in my favor.

It’s quick: Really, it’s 10-15 minutes per treatment, sometimes less depending on the area being treated and the severity of the inflammation. When my appointments actually run on time, which is virtually never, I am in and out in twenty five minutes.

The short version of this post: Got an injury? Get on the laser treatment train.*

*As if you need me to write this…I am by no means a medical professional and nothing I write should ever be taken as legitimate guidance.



3 thoughts on “Training Tuesdays: I Heart Laser Treatments”

    1. I am not sure if all physiotherapists do to be honest…and I’m sure some other health care practitioners do as well. But it’s definitely worth asking about for soft tissue injuries!


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