Mid Week F’ You: The SI Strikes Back

It was an ordinary back squat, the same one I’ve been doing for weeks now with the same weight I’ve been using.  I was being highly supervised, as always, by my trainer. And yet, there it was, that unmistakeable feeling that my SI had decided to turn against me.  I could tell as soon as I started that something was off, and after just three I had to wave my white flag.

I thought maybe laying off the back squats and getting on to some other exercises would help, especially since my trainer got me right onto a series of ‘reset exercises’, which usually provide fairly immediate relief.  Alas, after several failed attempts to progress back into legit exercises we continued only with what I consider to be the lamest of exercises. Low-to-no-weight lifting. FOAM BLOCK shoulder presses (a true slap in the face after weeks of successful bottoms up kettle bell presses) . Standard unweighted squats. Variation planks. Lame.

After several weeks of consistent progress with running, hiking and general activity, my SI decided enough was enough and gave me the big old, proverbial middle finger. And so, I’m back to see my favourite physiotherapist tomorrow and already rearranging my planned workout schedule for the week. And you better be damned sure I have a pint of Tonight Dough in my freezer to help ease my frustration.  I never claimed to have constructive coping mechanisms.

In all seriousness, though, it is incredibly irritating to have yet another setback. While I hope it is minor and that I quickly bounce back, I can tell you as I sit here and type this, I’m feeling an all-too-familiar stiffness and tenderness to touch that has me concerned.  It just goes to show that injuries are like old boyfriends. Just when you think you are done and will never hear from them again, that’s exactly when they randomly and unexpectedly show up in your life. And just like when it happens with ex-boyfriends, it’s always as annoying as hell.


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