TWIR #22: Refocusing

It’s time for another TWIR.  This week’s big news: the 2016 ultra is out, but the 2017 ultra is in. Without the (ridiculously unrealistic) pressure of trying to get ready for an ultra in a month, I feel weightless and ready to focus on safely building endurance and strength. Let’s see how I did.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 8 km, approximately 900 m elevation gain
Observations: The sun was out and I hit a trail! That is a rarity this summer, when most of my hikes have been shrouded by low cloud. I saw actual views. I experienced frustrating leg fatigue. A bear crossed the road in front of my car (sadly, my first bear sighting this year). I had a BLT waiting for me at home. All in all, it was a good day.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 8 km, 800 m elevation gain
Observations: After Saturday’s steep hike, I expected my legs to be dead Sunday. But cooler weather makes all the difference and I felt surprisingly spry all the way to the top. What I lacked in distance on my weekend hikes, I made up for in elevation.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 9.77 km, average pace 5:34 min/km
Observations: Getting closer and closer to 10 km…

Activity: Personal training session
Relevant Stats: 6o minutes (+ 15 minute warm-up run)
Observations: My trainer’s face lit up when I told her I’d run twice and hiked twice over the previous four days. It was like I’d given her an invitation to up the ante. And she did. I wonder, sometimes, why I am not smart enough to lie about such things and spare me the horror of bottoms up kettle bell presses.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 8.7 km, average pace 5:43 min/km, elevation gain 112 m
Observations: Against all odds (including but not limited to tiredness, laziness, sore muscles, general blah-ness), I dragged my ass out of bed and opted for a run instead of a gym workout. It felt surprisingly good, especially considering I ran a 4 km uphill stretch (at a pace that often felt marginally faster than walking).  The 4 km back downhill, however, felt fantastic.  Three runs in a week! A miracle!

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation
Observations: Another BCMC soul-crushing start to my day. I am committed to getting my money’s worth out of my season’s pass, but man sometimes I regret buying it.

Activity: Planned rest day
Relevant Stats: Planned ice cream cookie sandwich consumption: 1, planned epic concert viewing: 1
Observations: We are in Seattle today, so I can fulfill my dream of seeing Guns n’ Roses live. And in Duff’s home town! I cannot even express my excitement about this event. I will, in no uncertain terms, lose my shit at this concert. We also will be visiting Hello Robin, upon recommendation from one of my colleagues, where I will be stuffing a giant cookie ice cream sandwich in my face. I cannot imagine a better day.

Progress. Concerts. Ice cream sandwiches. This week gets a:

No one understands my obsession with Duff. But trust me when I say, rating my week with a smiling Duff means it's been pretty f'ing fantastic.
No one understands my obsession with Duff. But trust me when I say, rating my week with a smiling Duff means it’s been pretty f’ing fantastic.

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