Training Tuesdays: The Tough Decision

I think you know where this is going...
I think you know where this is going…

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I share that I am definitely not participating in the Mount Robson ultra marathon this September. With just a month to go and me only back to running 10 km, and not even consistently, it’s just completely unrealistic to think I can safely train up for a 50 kilometer run.

I had been clinging to a small sliver of hope, to the “maybe if I just run on sheer will” kind of hope, constantly telling myself that I really just need to run that 18 km in under 2.5 hours.  But, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve known it’s really not possible for quite some time.  Even the 18 km seems like an impossible stretch given my recent humbling hikes. Until this weekend, I just haven’t been ready to say it out loud.

But I also know that all hope is not lost. I’ve got my eyes on 2017 instead. With a full year to get my body (and head) in the game, I have no excuses. I can sign up for a few shorter trail races in between to test the waters on my poor SI.  I can keep working with my trainer to become a beast of strength.  I can slowly build my distance and, hopefully, minimize risk of re-injury.

All this sounds pretty hard core given what I wrote yesterday.  But never fear, I will still train my way, which means that any race will always be secondary to everything else going on in my life. Some things never change.

Here’s to ultra marathon 2017.  Because anyone can run an ultra, but not always on the timelines she might expect.




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