TWIR #21: Wine = Laziness

Well, the verdict is in: wine does not make good workout fuel.  This is unsurprising, of course. But it must be mentioned because, as you’ll see from the first few days of my TWIR, I did not have the best week in workouts.

Activity: Planned rest day
Relevant Stats:
wine sample count: infinite, ice cream count: “2 scoops” (which in reality was more like 4)
Saturday was all about the wine. We visited more wineries than one should in a day and I tried everything at every vineyard. My arm at least got a workout from carrying boxes of wine to the car. I also swam in the lake for the first time in probably a decade, promptly reminding me that my arms are really not that much stronger.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats:
I didn’t track distance or time but believe it was around 40 minutes of “running”, a term I use loosely given that I stopped for quite a few photos and was hella slow the entire time. Wine and heat and general disinterest in running created a trifecta of awful. I rewarded myself with another day of wine sampling and yet another double scoop of ice cream.

Activity: Unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats:
Bonus winery visits: 4, Bonus pie purchase: 1, Hours on ass in car: 8
I honestly had the best intentions of working out on Monday, but I slept in and couldn’t fathom running in the morning. I vowed to work out once we got home but then the long weekend traffic was all long-weekend-y (read: hellishly busy) and we didn’t get back until 6:30 and…well, instead we drank wine and made dinner and caught up on golf.

Activity: Spin + personal training
Relevant Stats:
30 minutes spin + 60 minute training session
Oh my god, I did three successful sets of bottoms up kettle bell presses!!!! Okay, successful is a slight overstatement, but let’s give credit where credit is due: I kept my wrists locked, used a 15 pound kettle ball, and only almost smacked myself in the face with it once.  That is progress.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats:
3 km, 850 m elevation gain
I think I have reached my saturation point with the BCMC trail. Every week seems to be taking me longer and I am convinced it is because it is a soul-sucking hike where I am overly familiar with each and every switchback and exactly how far I have left to hike. Also, I don’t seem to learn that doing this hike the day after my training session, when my legs are at their most exhausted, is pure folly.

Activity:  Stairs + Strength
Relevant Stats:
3o minute stairs + 30 minute stairs
This was the first day this week when one of my workouts actually felt good. I only ran stairs for a half hour, but I felt like I could’ve kept going, which is very rare because, really, who likes running stairs?!? I followed up with a short set of my strength exercises, including dreaded push ups, because I haven’t been doing my trainer justice by only doing strength training once per week.

Activity:  Run
Relevant Stats:
9.27  km, average pace 5:48/km
LONGEST POST-INJURY RUN YET!!!! It was slow but steady, but it included some substantial hills (123 m of elevation gain in total) so slow and steady makes sense. I had no plans to intentionally run this far, so I have a missed turn to thank for proving that I can run farther than I think.

The week started off with little promise in terms of motivation, but steadily increased throughout the week.  I can only blame the weekend’s wine for the poor start. Unfortunately, given that we brought back approximately half of the Okanagan’s wine stocks, I imagine I will suffer many more weeks of wine-impacted workouts…

For that reason, I give this week a:



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