Training Tuesdays: Training Update (aka resuscitated glutes!)

Early in my blog’s brief existence, I wrote about my lazy glutes, partially out of disbelief that I could be so active with so many leg and glute-dominant activities and still have glutes that weren’t pulling their weight. I thought it necessary to provide a training update as I have now been working with my trainer for three months.

I am pleased to announce that after 3 months my glutes have been at least partially resuscitated! They may have been lazy before but there is no way to escape my trainer’s eagle eyes. She watches my form so closely that my glutes cannot avoid having their proverbial feet held to the fire. And, man are they feeling it!

My trainer’s goal each and every workout…

The following are signs that my glutes have sprung to life in a very big way:

• They hurt. All. The. Time. Prior to this foray into training, I can recall few instances where my butt felt so tender so often.

• I feel them engaging when I hike. This has never, ever, ever been the case. Ever.

• My quads are noticeably “softer”. This could also be due to the overall decline in my activity level since my injury. However, I also believe a portion of their recent relative weakness (okay, let’s just call it flabby-ness) is because they aren’t, quite literally, carting my lazy ass around.

• I feel them when I RUN!??! Somehow this is even more shocking than feeling them while hiking. I actually think my entire running form has shifted. I feel running in a number of different muscles than I used to, and definitely notice my glutes kicking into high gear on those hills.

I have to say it is surprising to see how quickly one can respond to some customized and highly monitored personal training. It hasn’t always been smooth as we’ve tested different motions and seen some setbacks, but after the first month or so my trainer developed a really good understanding of my body’s unique idiosyncrasies (in other words, all the ways it’s messed up). When I tell her something feels uncomfortable or painful, she watches my form with extra scrutiny and makes a quick recommendation to adjust my form.  Almost always, my glutes are the first thing to feel these adjustments. It is a double edged sword, really, as they need to get stronger but it is certainly no cake walk.

If anyone out there has considered a trainer and wondered if it would really make a difference, I cannot say enough good things about the experience. My glutes, however, probably disagree, but that’s just because they’ve never had to work so hard before.


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