Throwback Thursday: Washington State Hates Me

Okay, okay, maybe the entire state of Washington doesn’t hate me, but I promise you that she is most certainly trying to hide her beauty from me. I’ve yet to determine exactly why, but I do know my hiking history in the fine Northwest State has been littered with epic scenery failures.  Between rain, low cloud and forest fire smoke, I have seen very little of her mountainous terrain.  I hear Washington is beautiful, but I’m going to have to wait until I get to see more of her.

Don’t believe me? Let me share an incredibly large body of photographic evidence that supports my case:

Supporting Evidence #1: July 24th, 2015, Blanca Lake’s surrounding peaks remain elusive.


Supporting Evidence #2: July 25, 2015, Summerland-Panhandle Gap remains in the grips of icy cloud and fog.


Supporting Evidence #3: July 26 2015, Mount Rainier proves to be quite a tease.


Supporting Evidence #4: August 27, 2015, once again Mount Rainier plays coy with me.


Supporting Evidence #5: August 21, 2015, I believe this glacier is attached to a mountain, but I cannot be sure.


Supporting Evidence #6: August 23, 2015, I have heard that Shuksan and Curtis Glacier are stunning but rampant forest fires keep me from confirming this rumour.


Supporting Evidence #7: September 4, 2015, I am told that I am surrounded by peaks and glaciers and views of Baker on a clear day, and yet clear days do not seem to exist in this part of Washington.


Supportive Evidence #8: September 6, 2015, I don’t even recall where this is nor what I should be seeing.  All I know is this is the day I gave up on Washington for 2015.


Supporting Evidence #9: January 30, 2016. So far, 2016 is not doing any better than 2015.  Granted it’s winter and one would expect clouds, but I am left only to conclude that regardless of season Washington ain’t going to show me her goods.


Supporting Evidence #10: July 1, 2016, I return to Heliotrope ridge to see if the glacier is, in fact, connected to a mountain (see supporting evidence #5). I am once again left uncertain.


Supporting Evidence #11: July 23, 2016. I have no words for the lengths to which this State will go to hide her spoils.


You counted right. That is 11 pieces of photographic evidence.  That is 11 hikes that have yielded no views. That is 11 days worth of hard-earned miles and elevation with no return on investment.

I can only conclude that Washington State knows that I would be so enamoured with her mountains that I would never leave, and that she wants me to stay confined to my tiny corner of Canadian mountains. Again, I do not know why, but you must agree that there’s some pretty damning evidence against her.


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