Monday Musings: Time Heals all Wounds

Don’t you just hate it when overused cliches turn out to be true?

I’ve been going through these ups and downs and backs and forths with my injury for three months. The entire time, my trainer and physiotherapist have been telling me “it sometimes just takes time”. I am predisposed to believe that I should be able to defy such logic through sheer will, and so I pushed too hard at times and ignored advice and continued to roll my eyes at what I presumed to be a glib prescription for my injury.

Could it be that this is all it takes?
Could it be that this is all it takes?

It seems I should add this injury experience to my ever-growing list of scenarios in which I am wrong.

As of last week, I experienced what I consider to be a sudden and drastic improvement with my injury.  I went from constantly being afraid of re-injury to feeling confident enough to try running, to following up a run with a hike, and to bypassing a planned rest day in favour of an active weekend with out of town guests.  I have emerged from all of this without any sign of stiffness or pain.

It is difficult to understand how I could go from “every little weird movement causes a setback” to “nothing seems to aggravate it”. The only logical conclusion that I can draw from this is that time truly does heal all wounds…and, maybe, that health care professionals actually know what they’re talking about.  I’m reminded of that famous quote from The Sun Also Rises, when a character is asked how he went broke and he responds “gradually and then suddenly”. This is my recovery in a nutshell: incredibly (and infuriatingly) gradually and then very suddenly.

I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself as I still haven’t attempted a long run nor a long/challenging hike.  I’m optimistic though and, based on what I’ve observed in the last week, actually willing to take my time on building up intensity and distance.  How’s that for changing my tune?


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