Mid-Week (Cautious) Excitement: Green Light!

Yesterday, I wrote about needing to get to the weekend sans injury flair-ups to reach my three weeks of steady and consistent progress .  This, in turn, would be my impetus to train, train, train! In a shocking turn of events, and counter to all my previous experiences with him, my physiotherapist is even more optimistic than me. He bumped that timeline right up. That’s right, he’s given me the green light to go forth and prosper, which includes saving me $60/week in treatment fees.  That’s an extra bonus to already good news.

I am one to celebrate small wins in life so I promptly went to Dairy Queen and feasted on my personal favourite, the pecan mudslide (insiders’ note: this gem hasn’t been listed on the menu for years but still exists upon request…and is infinitely superior to its red-headed step-sibling, the peanut buster parfait).  This post is not about ice cream, I promise, though really it should be as I am a true ice cream aficionado…

Tell me this isn't the ideal celebratory prize.
Tell me this isn’t the ideal celebratory prize.

In reality, the Dairy Queen was just the pre-celebration. And, let’s be honest, I probably would have had the pecan mudslide regardless of the news from my physiotherapist. It seems I have found my way back to talking about ice cream again…let me get back on track.  The real celebration is happening later this week, when I will go for my first official run in months.

That’s right. Let’s let that sink in a little: my first official run in MONTHS (three to be exact). Sounds good doesn’t it? It is music to my ears and inspiration to my running-deprived legs.

My goal: 4km, in intervals of 2 minutes running + 1 minute walking. I suspect, at my current pace and by including walking, this may take me close to an hour. While that is a tough pill to swallow, for the first time I feel as though I can do this without waking up the next morning with chronic stiffness and mobility issues.  I feel like it’s actually doable and not just me pushing the boundaries of my training. I feel like it’s finally legitimate progress.

I feel ready.  And that, my friends, is truly worthy cause for celebration.


7 thoughts on “Mid-Week (Cautious) Excitement: Green Light!”

      1. And what a legacy. But only the good stuff – the pecan mudslides, the chocolate, the peanut butter cup, or Hokey Pokey (an UHmazing brand, when in New Zealand).


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