Training Tuesdays: The Magical Power of Threes

The number three seems to be a pretty big deal in the folklore department: good things come in threes, bad things happen in threes, the genie grants you three wishes, there were three wise men, three stooges, even three amigos. The list goes on and on.  It’s all about the threes.


I’ve gone two weeks now without any major injury regression (knock on wood).  I’ve done this while continuing to extend hiking distance and intensity, while integrating running sets of stairs, and running in very, very, VERY small doses (i.e. a minute or two at a time, at most).  This past weekend, I even ran for a bit on the trail (shhhhh, don’t tell my trainer and physiotherapist).  I have done all of this with virtually no ill effects.   Naturally, I have been wondering when it’s time to really push it, kick it up a notch with training, and maybe even try a full-on (short) run.

According to my crew of health care practitioners, the answer is three weeks. The magic of threes applies to injury recovery, too. Supposedly, if I can make it through three consecutive weeks of increased intensity with the odd bit of running, all without any signs of regression, then and only then am I ready to push things harder with my training.  ‘

Want to hear the good news? As of today, I just have to make it to the weekend and I’ll have officially gone three weeks without a crippling setback.  By my count, it’s pretty much go time this weekend.  I am literally daydreaming about the exquisite pain of attempting to run again after a nearly three-month running hiatus…

Three cheers for threes!


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