RWIR #17: Happy Trails to Me

Well, it’s been my most consistent week of trail adventures and injury-related pain containment all leading up to my (eek!) 37th birthday this weekend. Let’s just forget all that aging business and move on to the week in review:

Activity: Hike!
Relevant Stats: 11km, elevation gain 550m
Observations: Day two of hiking and a pleasantly easy stroll through forest. This trail was a lot like the Chief–but easier–in that you climbed through trees to a rocky outcropping with a view of the ocean. Quintessentially west coast.  I also turned the trail into a loop with some wickedly awesome map reading skills that even surprised me! Sadly, the trip was not without disaster. While my SI emerged unscathed, I turned my ankle walking on flat ground.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

Activity: Hike!
Relevant Stats: 6km, elevation gain approximately 400 m?
Observations: I didn’t complete the entire trail. It was partly too-much-wine-on-Saturday-night related, and partly the steepness causing quite a bit of ankle discomfort.  Regardless, the fact that my SI was not at all sore even on the third day of hiking was a major victory, so much so that the fact that my ankle forced me to turn around didn’t even phase me. Over three days I covered 27 km of trail, which is less than my usual self but a huge leap compared to the last two months.

Activity: Planned rest day
Relevant Stats: nothing but walkin’
Observations: Every once in a while a rest day is just perfectly placed. Plus, my lack of lunch time workout created space to indulge in sushi. This probably doesn’t sound exciting, but since 98% of my lunches are salads, a sushi deviation is a pretty big deal.

Activity: Personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: Last week we took it easy, so this week I assumed it would be all lollipops and rainbows.  I didn’t even pack a towel to shower after my workout.  I planned poorly.  We went from 0 to 60 and she put together a combination of exercises that I loathed from start to finish, including a new variation of push ups that I hope never to see again. I also had to spend the rest of the day stewing in my own dried sweat.

Activity: BCMC hike
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation gain
Observations: I had a situation wherein I couldn’t find my car keys for 20 minutes which made me a) very angry and b) behind schedule.  I am incapable of coping with either of those things when I get up before 6 am. Therefore, I hit the trail with “the rage” and burned myself out early. I hiked the first kilometre 2.5 minutes faster than usual only to slow my roll so much so that I finished the hike almost a full minute slower than usual. That did not help the rage.

Activity: Spin & Strength
Relevant Stats: 30 minutes spin, 40 minutes strength
Observations: I hate the gym. It had been a full week since I set foot in a gym and I had not missed it.  I daydreamed about the weekend and outdoor activities the entire time.

Activity: BCMC hike
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation gain
Observations: This was somewhat disappointing as I had planned for a legit hike. I even took the day off for it (and as a pre-birthday “me” day), but rain interfered with my plans. So instead of a real hike, I suffered the hell of the BCMC for a second time this week and it was made doubly awful by rain that turned almost entire trail into a creek.  Towards the top I finally gave up on trying to avoid rushing water and trudged right up the middle of the stream.  It was oddly refreshing.

All in all, this was a much more positive week. I’ve emerged pain free and with way more hiking activity under my belt. I’ve also been reminded of the following, which also perfectly sums up my week:



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