RWIR #16: The Power of Laser Treatments

I was at my wit’s end when we last checked in for a RWIR, suffering from yet another inexplicable set back and still frustrated by a general lack of progress. I can’t say this week has been better in terms of progress, but I can say that laser treatment has made the pain situation so, SO much better.

Alas, here we go!

Activity: Park circuit workout (this is exactly what it sounds like…a circuit workout in a park)
Relevant Stats: 52 minutes, cardio & rehab/strength
Observations: I ran! Sure, it was in 100m increments. But I did it without the demon SI belt and survived! I also integrated some step ups and other activities I haven’t done in months. Did I look like a tool in front of a bunch of Niagara-on-the-Lake tourists? Yes. Did I at least manage one workout while away? Yes. So the tourists who gawked at me can suck it. Also, my boyfriend took a video on his phone of me running, a video that I must still seek out and destroy.

Activity: Unplanned rest day
Relevant Stats: Crepe consumption: 1, Cider sample consumption: 4, wine sample consumption: 4, Epically large ice cream cone consumption: 1
Observations: I could provide a whole host of excuses for why I didn’t work out on Sunday morning before eating and drinking the world for the rest of the day. I could say I was hungover from my brother’s wedding (but in uncharacteristic fashion I was far from it). I could say I was tired from partying late into the night (but I was in bed by midnight). The cold, hard truth is that I was lazy and my SI was ever-so-stiff and I basically rationalized that working out would surely lead to my being rendered immobile the rest of the day. Laziness at its finest.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 10 km, 460 m elevation gain
Observations: No SI belt and no pain, a major win.  The major loss was an abundance of mud and sloppy trail conditions that made the bugs swarm like I haven’t seen in years. I was attacked. I survived at the summit for about two minutes before retreating rapidly.

Activity: Spin + Rehab Strength
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes
Observations: You know those days when you have zero interest in being at the gym? This was one of those days. I lasted thirty minutes on the spin bike before working through some of my rehab strength exercises and calling it a day.  Was it my best workout? No. Was it better than nothing? Sometimes I’m not even sure.

Activity: BCMC
Relevant Stats: 3 km, 850 m elevation
Observations: I dislike the BCMC at the best of times, but find it even more heinous when forced to complete it before work. It means a pre-6am wake up call, which is so not my jam. I know real runners and athletes are accustomed to early morning workouts, and this is precisely how I know I am neither. Because I detest early mornings.

Activity: Personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes
Observations: I had told my trainer via email about some of my setbacks last week so she wanted to go back to some basics today rather than pushing to more advanced activities. I think it was a good call as my hip hingeing was in a sorry state of affairs for most of the workout, requiring constant corrections to form.  I am also pleased with the basics vs. advanced because I plan to hike all weekend and didn’t want my training session to cause an acute injury attack. Fingers crossed that I have dodged a setback bullet this week.

Activity: Planned Hike
Relevant Stats: unknown
Observations: We are heading away for the weekend, and I will be sans internet (eek!). I plan to hike Friday but am never 100% certain of which trail until I get closer and assess the weather and my mood/energy.  But hike I will. Let the long weekend begin!

As far as this week goes, I can say that I feel conflicted.  At times, I feel ready to push harder with my hiking and running, but I feel conflicting pressure to play it safe and avoid another setback.  For that I give this week a:

My feelings this week...that damn stop sign is lurking in the background...
My feelings this week…that damn stop sign is lurking in the background…

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